capacity microwave should not be composed of metal, not to conduct electric current, to be heat-resistant and transparent to microwaves.

to use the dishes in the microwave have a test: take an ordinary glass without a pattern, it is filled with water.Glass is placed in the test dishes, and she in turn - in the microwave.The microwave is turned on full power for 1 minute.If you remove all the dishes in a glass of water should be hot, and the utensils in which there was a glass, heat should not be.Hot dishes are not suitable for the microwave.

What cookware is suitable for microwave


on ceramic ware should not be drawings.It should be remembered that ceramic in the microwave very hot, so it must be removed, protect your hands tack.


porcelain and should not be drawing, and utensils for heating must be open and without skirting.


for microwave use plastic heat-resistant containers, their cover has a corresponding icon.Unlike porcelain, ceramics and glass, plastic can be put in the microwave directly from the refrigerator.Disposable tableware can not be used in the microwave.


Glassware suitable only for cooking with microwaves, heating and defrosting.For other modes of bakeware used as oven.In conventional glasses and banks may be heated liquid.Drawings on the glass should be absent.Thin-walled glassware for microwave will not work, the glass may break from the hot liquid.


Suit penoplastikovye trays and cups, parchment paper and cardboard boxes.The paper is not suitable for oily and fatty foods.Covered with wax paper plates and cups, oiled paper is banned for use in the microwave.


for heating and baking in the microwave will only fit cotton and linen.


before using the microwave plastic bags or food film pierced in several places.

unsuitable for microwave dishes


Metal utensils impermeable to microwaves and electrical conductivity.You can warm up in an aluminum pan semis.


As part of the metal crystal is present, and therefore utensils quickly heat up, also can burst and by the uneven heating.

Easy glass

Dishes of lightweight glass is easy to distinguish by weight.It consists of the melamine - fusible material.