you need
  • - assembly or clerical knife with a fresh blade;
  • - scraper glass-ceramic plates and cooking products;
  • - Building a hairdryer;
  • - soapy water or a special cleaning agent for plastic profile
carefully, leaving no scratches on plastic, shallow knife trim the film.Remove the protective film from the plastic profile, both inside and outside.
If the film is not removed or torn into small pieces, softening its construction, use a hairdryer and a special scraper for cleaning glass-ceramic plates and cooking items.Scraper film picks up the edges and remove small pieces of it from plastic.The use of the scraper considerably reduces the likelihood of damage
to the plastic.
Wash glue residue with soapy water or a special cleaner plastic profile.To wash the windows better to use a linen cloth.Rub soap solution around the window and wait for a window to dry.In a soap box formed a crust, which can be removed with a damp or dry cloth.Wipe the rubber seals with a damp, then - with a dry cloth.Locks and hinges do not need to wash the windows.
If you live in a high-rise building will be more blagarazumnym if you remove film from the outside of the frame advance.It neobhodmo do for your safety, so you do not risk your life, leaning out of the windows on the top floor.