you need
  • - paint
  • - ground
  • - skin
  • - Radiator brush and fleyts
  • - cuvette
  • - rags
  • - gloves
to paint the battery, prepare it.Try to thoroughly clean each radiator from old paint.Take a spatula and applying some pressure, scrape off the paint in places where it peels.If the battery is very old, the paint is easily cleared.Then take the sandpaper and the entire battery proshkurte, especially where rust appears.Then clean it from dust and degrease, that is prime with.Especially a lot of dust accumulated inside the radiators.To clean the inside of the battery, take the 2 cm wide brush with a long handle, it's a special brush - Radiator.With it you can easily clean the battery in the remote places.
Once you have done this work, remove all the dirt from the floor, so she did not
stick to the brush while painting.Now pour the oil paint in the cuvette and place it so that the paint which will drip from the heat sink, falling into a bowl.Paul thus will stay clean and you do not have to rub it with a cloth to remove the paint.
battery start painting inside.Take a brush for radiators with a long handle, dip it in the paint and stain inside each radiator, try to grab all the hard to reach places.Dilute the paint thinner and then you can easily paint over all the rear seats.Then paint the outside of the battery, it is a pleasant experience.Start painting from the top of the radiator.Take the brush fleyts - it has a wider surface and the paint is gaining much more.Dip it in paint and stain section from top to bottom, leaving no gaps.Then move on to the next section and so on until the end of the battery.Field of how it is dry, paint the battery again.
If you change the overall riser on polypropylene, and it gray, it is easy to color the paint.Rinse with warm water riser, dry and begin to paint.Dip fleyts in the paint and start painting the riser from the top down, leaving no gaps and streaks.Do not take a lot of paint on the brush, it will not speed up your work, it is better to often dunks in the paint.Strokes do not make broad, it will help paint a riser faster.For such work, apply paint or oil or water-based.
If the toilet or bathroom pipes made of polypropylene, the color of paint in the color of the walls or tiles.If pipe is not visible, then let them not dyed, it's not scary.Metal pipe anticorrosive enamel paint.This combines paint and rust converter, anti-rust primer and enamel wear.Prepare pipe to paint: strip the old paint, proshkurte sandpaper, remove dust.Stir the paint and start painting, remember, pipes must be dry.Dip fleyts in the paint and smooth brushstrokes cover the surface, as you wish.Try to pipe were well dyed, and there was no room for corrosion.The enamel is applied 2 times, it will give the opportunity to paint pipe more carefully.