you need
  • - cement-sand mortar;
  • - spatula;
  • - primer material;
  • - electric (malooborotistaya);
  • - cap-mixer;
  • - needle roller;
  • - usually installed with a special strap.
Conduct a thorough preparation before making the filling (liquid) floor room by yourself.It consists of several stages.
Prepare the surface for pouring self-leveling floors.Prepare the necessary tools and acquire the necessary material.
Seal all cracks and potholes in the preparatory stage of cement-sand mortar.To do this, use a spatula.The surface must be dry, becausePlastic floor to dry completely "afraid" of water.Its components are able to join with her in response.
Check building floor level of the horizontal .If he does not, align the surface of the cement-sand mortar, iemake the tie.This will greatly reduce the consumption of expensive material.
Deal prepared surface primer material at least two raza.Prigotovte required amount of filler mixture, based on the calculation: with a layer thickness of 1 cm per 1 sq.m floor requires 10 kg of dry mixture.
use for solution electric drill fitted with a speed regulator and the nozzle-mixer.Self-leveling floor is a cement-based screed with polymer additives.He is able to spread practically on their own, creating a smooth and fairly firm surface.
final stage - direct application of the inlet floor to the prepared surface.It will then perfectly flat and smooth.Pour the filling polymer composition floor surface after when it dries on the ground.
uniformly distributed polymer composition rule on a plane, removing the needle roller emerging air bubbles.Adjust thickness special bar (from 1 to 7 cm) is installed on a rule.