There are several ways to remove the traces of pens with wallpaper .Optimists suggest just take a wooden framed, hang over the drawings, and rejoice that in a family of artists is growing.A frame profitable emphasize the first experiments of the young genius.
first method is good in the nursery, but if the wallpaper in the living room painted in plain view, will have to take drastic measures.There are many ways information ink.All are based on the application of one or another acid and bleaching drawn lines.
Dissolve potassium permanganate in 70% vinegar, stir.The color of the solution should be dark purple.Apply the solution to the ink line with a cotton swab.Do not rub, wait a few seconds.Figure pale, disappear, in its place will divorce.Remove stai
ns with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (buy in a drugstore).
Take oxalic acid and citric acid, 10 g, 100 ml of water, and mix with a brush, apply a few times at the drawing.He is pale and disappear.
hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride Stir in 30 ml.water, apply with a brush on the line drawing.
Some parents offer to reduce traces of children's arts wallpaper modern methods.Dissolve "Domestos" or "Vanish" in a little water and a cotton swab to remove the picture.
sale is a German agent Rotring, which is used to clean the writing instruments that are used to neprotravlennymi ink.Sometimes it helps.
All of the above methods for removing ink from wallpaper have consequences.It may be discolored or damaged spots texture wallpaper.You have to consider the quality and color of your wallpaper.Perhaps it is easier to re-stick a piece of wallpaper or repaint the entire room a different color, if you pasted wallpaper for painting.