According to the European standard outlet installed in the 25-30 cm above the floor to make the cushion supply wire, as well as to avoid being touched vacuum cleaner.In the kitchen outlet, usually installed above the work surface, as well as an additional outlet for a refrigerator, dishwasher and TV.

What set outlet?

You can select a single standard wall socket, and you can double, triple, etc.Panels socket can be positioned lighting switching outlet or switch.

socket type and method of installation depends on the type of wiring.Wiring can be hidden and open.

open wiring is conducted on the walls

, in this case, the outer socket mounted on a wooden Enclosures.Hidden wiring is hidden in the recesses carved into the walls, which are plastered with alabaster or plaster.Wires are displayed in the cut to the inside and fixed outlet socket.

As a rule, most of the houses now used unfinished, it gives more space for the interior design, but the damage to the wiring for its repair have to damage the finish of the apartment.

As a self-install the socket?

first step in any work with electricity to disable power to the panel.Then you need to check the presence of voltage in the wall outlet using the tester.

socket outlet is most easily cut with a drill with a special nozzle.Then, wiring is routed to a junction box, and the whole structure is fixed alabaster in the nest.

next step - remove the screws from the holes of the socket and remove the decorative panel.To properly install the socket outlet must be connected terminals and wires wound in a box, then the socket is installed in a box and is fixed with screws.

last step - set the trim to the wall outlet.