Before you put the barrier is necessary to determine whether it will be transformed, or capital.That is, whether this partition will, if necessary, move, or it will always be in her place.The easiest way to make a common screen.It consists of several wooden frames, upholstered or with inserted glass.These frames are fixed to each other by means of
hinge pins.Plus transformable partitions is that it is easy to move, if necessary, in any room of an apartment or take with you when you move.Screens and at all easy to assemble and clean the cabinet.Many places will not take it.To include transformable partitions and partitions in the form of cabinets, partitions coupe that can simultaneously perform the role of the door.
capital or fixed partitions are always there, where they were placed.They must be resilient, particularly durable, as playing the role of the wall.The most sturdy and durable partition made of masonry.It has excellent sound insulating properties.Such a partition put the purpose to completely isolate the space.Set only a brick wall on the concrete floor, in any case, do not put it on the joists, and in particular to the upper floor.Brick is better to choose a hollow, porous (white lime).But where increased demands on moisture resistance such as the kitchen, bathroom or toilet use only red brick firing medium.The very first ranks of masonry better bond with cement mortar for masonry strength, number 5, you can use a cement-sand mortar.Each row sealed metal fittings with neighboring walls to increase the stability of the walls.On the day put no more than 10 rows - a partition should be dry.When all the rows are laid and dry masonry, on both sides of the partition will be overwritten with plaster, then shpaklyuyut, after which it can be coated with finishing materials.
gypsum plasterboard partition walls to build faster and thus less dirt divorces.If you need a solid partition, on which you can hang a heavy load, the framework for the partition to perform better from a metal profile.First, on the floor 2 are held features which will mark the boundary walls on both sides.Then, vertical racks are built, they attached a horizontal profile so that each cell has arisen accommodates gypsum board.Sheets sheathe first one side of the partition, and then, if necessary, to increase the sound insulation between two parties to invest its mineral boards that will perform, and a heat insulating function.And on top of this layer cake closed the second layer of drywall.Drywall does not need big finishing work.Suffice putty cap screws and the joints between the sheets and can be applied topcoat - wallpaper, decorative plaster, and so on.