you need
  • repair coating, repair mortar, rubber spatula, gloves, acrylic sealant, plaster, construction dust, water, a piece of wood, heavy load.
modern, meets all quality standards, one of the most durable flooring - laminate flooring, or laminate.Despite the relatively high strength of the coating, there is always the likelihood of damage during use.For example, moving furniture or dropping something heavy on the laminate can leave scratches, chips, cracks.It argued that fix the laminate is only possible with the help of dismantling to fault.Sometimes it is really necessary in case of serious defects, but you should be aware that the dismantling is always the chance of damage even more bars than there is at the moment.
In case of deep scratches o
r chipped, get repair compound for repairing laminate, which is filled with the resulting damage.If you find a similar composition is not possible to buy acrylic sealant.It is desirable that it have two colors, it is necessary for tinting in order to get a suitable color.Using the instructions for use printed on the package chosen composition, cook the mixture, choose the color, fill chips or deep scratches with a rubber spatula.Remember that when drying acrylic sealant darkens.
seal cracks and deep enough gap can be with a solution made from plaster and sawdust.Mix one to one conventional construction with plaster dust in a small amount of clean water.Vegan repair compound on density should be like toothpaste.Prepare a small bar-liner-sized cracked when to close up cracks larger than 5-6 centimeters.Insert the liner into the crack, and only then carry out the restoration.
If you have filled in the laminate with water, causing swelling of several fragments, replace them with new or reconstructed form of the old planks.In order to clean up the damaged plank, put them on a perfectly flat surface at a sufficiently heavy load.On average, for a full shape recovery items must be 5-7 days.After that installation is possible to make a return.
In the case of damage to critical plank laminate flooring will have to replace it.Carefully carve the damaged fragment in its place, insert the new one and stick it.
If laminate is damaged when shifting furniture and covered with scratches, get a hardware store in the repair compound.Follow the instructions, fill out the composition of the deep cracks and scratches.But remember, if the cracks and chips quite a lot across the surface of the laminate floor, it makes sense to complete replacement of the cover, because after putty floor will lose its attractive appearance.
If laminate flooring is not new after its renovation to give it a fresh appearance, cover it with a layer of floor polish.The flooring acquires a neat appearance.