you need
  • for wooden floor coverings or carpet / laminate / linoleum:
  • - penofol 5-10 mm thick
  • - stirodur (optional)
  • - plywood
  • - jigsaw
  • - beams 40x40mm
  • - hacksaw
  • - screws
  • - Screwdriver
  • - coating material (carpet, laminate, etc.) and related consumables for its styling
  • - plinth
  • to the tiled floor:
  • - penofol thickness5-10 mm
  • - stirodur (optional)
  • - cement
  • - tile adhesive
  • - gear and plastic spatulas
  • - tiles
  • - tic tile
  • - grout for tile joints
Decide which of you will be doing the next floor.The choice of modern construction materials large: You can make a floor of wood, cover it with laminate, linoleum to lay him to make a coating of carpeting, and finally paste over the balcony tiles, if necessary, it is insulated.This is partly dependent on the current stat
e of the balcony, and its interior decoration, for what purpose you use it.

If your glazed balcony, you are not limited in the choice of materials, so that your new floor will not be exposed to sudden changes in temperature and precipitation.If you have an outdoor balcony, it is better to opt for the tiles.The wooden floor is also possible, but remember that it will require careful maintenance: at least - a constant processing special structures against moisture and decay.
Prepare the surface.Regardless of what kind of material for the construction of the floor on the balcony you have chosen, you should prepare the ground, that is a concrete slab: it must be smooth, clean and dry.No debris, dust and flies last year.

If you have old flooring or its remnants, they are also necessary to get rid of.We do not consider acceptable on the floor of the balcony, "sandwich", because it not only affect the quality of the new floor, but additionally will weight the balcony, which can lead to cracking or even collapse.Better to spend a couple of hours and bring down the old tile with a concrete slab.
If you decide to do a floor of wood, lay laminate flooring, carpet, or cover with linoleum floor, this step for you.If your floor on the balcony of the tiles will continue to the next step.
To begin lay insulation.To make sure your new floor on the balcony served you long, it is necessary to lay a layer of insulating material that protects from moisture and help to keep warm.

We are quite suitable penofol.It should be cut to the size of your balcony and gently laid on the concrete slab foiled layer upwards.

Now hacksaw cut timber on the size of your balcony and place the resulting lags in parallel at a distance of 50 cm from each other.If you want to insulate the floor, then lay the pieces of insulation between joists - stirodura, in our case.

Cut sheets of plywood subfloor.Do it best with a jigsaw.Place the elements of your subfloor to the joists and seal the entire structure with screws.

Now just put your chosen floor, nail the baseboard and the floor is ready!
Puts the tiles.

If you want to insulate the floor, then cut penofol the size of the balcony and lay it foil side up.A second layer of insulation will stirodura sheets with thickness up to 30 mm.The thickness of the sheets depends on whether, first, on your balcony cold, and secondly, how much you want to raise the level of the floor on the balcony.

After laying insulation materials should be prepared grout (according to instructions on the package) and pour them your floor.If necessary, gently flatten the wet cement screed trowel and leave to dry completely (about a day).When the floor is dry, you can safely raise the tile adhesive, to handle a trowel and laid tile.When the tile is dry, do not forget to treat tile grout joints.