The toilet usually pass sewage risers and risers with hot and cold water.As a rule, in the toilet on the tube install meters for hot and cold water taps and water, so to hide all this behind a blank wall can not be.The wall, which are near the pipe should be made removable.In any case, at least the part where the valves, meters, etc.
One option to leave access to the pipes in the toilet, while hiding them, is to install a hidden hatch process.This hatch can be built into the wall, pasted on top of ceramic tile or other finishing materials.Exterior walls with the hatch is not anything different from usual.Hidden hatches come in different sizes, and in this situation it is better to choose and install the most large hatch fo
r easy access to communications.It will be frustrating if a fault in the sewage system or water supply will be impossible to resolve because of the lack of access.
In addition, the communication in the toilet, you can hide behind a wall of wooden boards.This wall must have a base, and the door to be opened in case of need.The wall should be wood or other frame, and may be lined as a tile or plastic panels and other surfacing materials.
You can also use a more exotic option has, however, a number of benefits in the form of easy installation and absolute access to communications, with a good appearance.Wall with pipes in the bathroom can be closed by horizontal metal blinds.Blinds can be purchased as ready, and ordered their production on the individual sizes on request.Attach the blinds should be the ceiling, and drop to the floor.At any time, they can pick up and reach the desired pipe or tap.