you need
  • Phillips and flat-blade screwdriver, a special key to stop for assembly and disassembly (attached to the handle)
Pry with a flat screwdriver and remove the trimpens with latches on the handle side with a simple keyless rotary lock.Special key or other sharp and thin object, click on the lock opened.Simultaneously, pull the handle.Remove it.Flat or Phillips head screwdriver to remove the 2 screws from the handle removed.Remove the door handle halves promoted.Remove the screws holding the latch, pull out the door.
to turn the handle, set it on the door in the reverse order.Insert the latch, the beveled side of the tongue in the direction of closing of the door and secure it with 2 screws.Then insert the handle half in which the drum mechanism with the necessary key to the door.On t
he opposite side of the clamping insert and tighten its two screws.Make sure that the handle is easily turned and returned to its original position.If necessary, align it slightly shifting from side to side.Put trim.Put the rest of the handles on the doors bolted to the clamping portion.Make sure that the square tube with flat plate stood right in it.For this crank handle lock handle so that it stood in the slot with a square recess in the same position as that of a square tube with a flat plate.
Put pen.When it abuts the stopper to drown him, pushing across the axis of the pressing portion.Then fully, until it stops, then push the detachable portion of the handle on the pressure part.Align the groove on the way and put the trim.Check the fixing.If necessary, lightly tighten the fixing risks decorative overlay.Check the accuracy of the lock turning the handle on both sides: from both the simple lock, and from the drum mechanism with a key.