you need
  • - Plastic panels;
  • - wooden slats and beams;
  • - screws and dowels;
  • - Carnations for panels;
  • - impregnation against fungi;
  • - primer for wet areas;
  • - brushes;
  • - Spatula;
  • - Hammer;
  • - Hammer;
  • - Hacksaw;
  • - New mixer;
  • - laminated hardboard;
  • - Linoleum.
Take a sheet of paper and calculate how many plastic panels for walls and ceiling you will need.Dimensions panels look in the store or on the websites of manufacturers.Decide on the amount of timber for wood sheathing.The primer buy in concentrated form - it is diluted with plain water and efficiently spent.
Think about mixers.Perhaps the distance between bathroom sink and allows you to install a faucet.Do not skimp.Buy direct good, from a reputable manufacturer, than you will
suffer a dripping faucet.
If you do not plan to change the plumbing, then close the bath and sink newspapers and film, once again not to beat the enamel.
Clean ceiling from the previous whitewash or paint.Soaked with water or with water-based chalk layer, scrape it with a spatula.Since the ceiling panel will then need only to remove loose or swollen place.
Free walls of the old coating.If the walls were painted, then smooth out the damaged and peeling places.If the walls was already old, sometimes beaten off tile, remove it with a special hammer head.Try as much as possible to fight off a frozen tile adhesive to the wall.
Treat ceiling and walls of the purchased special antifungal composition.Dry thoroughly.Then promazhte all surfaces deep penetration primer for wet areas.
Make the crate on the walls and the ceiling under the plastic panels.The distance between the slats should be no more than 60 cm. In places where the wall curves make extra padding under the bars.Check all plumb and level.Immediately lay the wooden slats in the places where it will be mounted mixer and hooks for heavy towels.
to paint all the wooden slats, and bars primer.Dry and cover them with another layer.
Install the plastic panels on the ceiling and walls.The panels are easily sawn hacksaw.Carnations in the panel vertically hammer exclusively to plastic is not cracked.
joints between walls and ceiling decorate the foam moldings.
Screw the mixer to the panels at the location where you have laid the wooden block.Attach hooks for towels.Between bathroom panels and glue the plastic border, that water does not numb.
On the floor lay a piece of the right color and size linoleum.Garnish with a warm fluffy carpet.
Restore enamel bath with special funds purchased or put acrylic liner.
Bath screens you can buy, but you can make the most out of a piece of laminated hardboard.