Tip 1: How to install new windows in the wooden house

Plastic windows are becoming increasingly popular in our country.Ease of installation, reliability and integrity, ease of use - all this makes the window very attractive to many.Plastic windows, installed in office buildings or brick cottages, today is no surprise.More common today was the question of how to install plastic window in a wooden house and whether it is possible at all.
This question is quite natural, since the practice of installing plastic windows in wooden buildings has many supporters and opponents.The main problem here is that in Russia, the construction of wooden s house has its own characteristics that differ significantly from Western technology.First of all it concerns technology dry construction boards and logs.In our country there is no technical capacity to complete drying of the logs before construction.Therefore, wooden houses, built of whole logs, for 2-3 years continue to dry, shrink, change their shape and can easily damage rigidly mounted in the
construction of plastic windows .
However, the features of the Russian construction does not mean that in our country to establish plastic window in a wooden house but not impossible.When it comes to home and built for frame-panel technology, it will not have any difficulty at all, as house and this type are not subject to shrinkage.If the intention is to install plastic window in a wooden house , built of logs, the options may be several solutions.
easiest and most sensible way - is to put in the construction of temporary wooden windows old model.In temperate climates the middle band complete drying and shrinkage of the wooden structure is about 5 years.After this period windows can be replaced with new plastic without the risk of them somehow damaged.
If the plastic windows in a log house must be installed immediately, it will have to resort to some tricks.First of all, when installing plastic windows need to create a compensation gap at the top and bottom of the window opening.The size of the gap should be about 10-12 percent of the height of the plastic window .Abandoned space is filled with tight, elastic material such as foam or wooden slats, which are knocked out as needed.
second option safe installation of plastic windows - is the creation of a special okosyachki (obsada) window .Okosyachkoy called the draft of the box beams.It is inserted into the window opening so as not to interfere with vertical subsidence house and but to block any possibility of bias logs horizontally.This double-glazed windows are protected from excess pressure log.Plastic box, inserted into the box, secured with anchor plates.It is important to keep in mind that double glazing can not be fixed directly to the timber, so that it does not hurt when their shift.

Tip 2: How to insert a window in the house

Increasingly, today the owners of city apartments replaced the old wooden windows on modern plastic.But in rural house or villa construction organically-fasting will look after all the wooden structures.Wood has always been associated with us with comfort, warmth, beauty and high ecological compatibility.How to insert a wooden box the house?
How to insert windows in the house
you need
  • - window unit;
  • - nails;
  • - a hammer;
  • - Special ruffs;
  • - wedges;
  • - insulation;
  • - window fittings.
purchasing wooden window frames in the first place, pay attention to match the quality of timber GOST.It should exclude roughness, burrs, to be smooth.Remember heartwood for windows should not be used, that is, the wood chosen for the windows without a pattern of concentric annual rings.
Window unit includes: a box, transom (flaps), window, window sill and the construction of drainage.Two ways of opening the valves "with overlap" - opening inside, "no overlap" - outside.The window also includes glass, fittings, gaskets, etc.Glazing can be single, double, triple.
Casements a box hung on the hinge plate of different designs.There are split, one-piece hinge.The rod hinge removed in some, in others - is not (so-called "hammer" rod).Remove the rod is suitable where there is no opportunity to raise the sash windows.At the same time hang or remove the sash, pulling rod of the hinge loop.
Window sash lock or window latches or handles with a special locking device.When you make sure that nothing prevents the valves open and close, secure steel box ruffs in the openings of brick walls, nails - in the openings of wood.
evenness hanging flaps window provided evenness hinge plates.They are fixed with screws that are recessed into the wood windows flush with the surface of the plate.
empty space between the wall and the box that was previously caulked oakum fill with foam.This procedure is required to install the spacers that can be removed only after the final solidification of the foam.
drips attached to the outside of the window opening - the entire width of the window box penetration into the wall.Sills (usually the width - 25-30 cm, thickness - 3-4 cm) are mounted on the inside so that the ends are embedded in the wall of 4-5 cm from each side.Please window sill is secured using wedges, then removed for the installation of insulation and installed permanently.The opening advance is aligned at the bottom of lime-plaster solution (if you find the surface roughness).
window to look beautiful, the gap between the window frame and wall paneling hidden under frames.They framed the top and sides of the window .In one house window decorate trims one standard, with the same profile.Their vertical and horizontal checked using the plumb lines and levels, and to a window box nailed by a distance determined in 10-12 cm.
Windows, preferably mounted before finishing finishingwork at home: painting, wallpapering, etc .;

To ensure tap water in a window box, in the lower bar of the window and the bar under the transom make small slits.
Helpful Hint
If the box is placed in the window opening with a little skewed, it can be aligned, by driving selected size wooden wedges between the wall and the frame.Only then can hang leaf.
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