you need
  • Tile adhesive, grout, silicone sealant in the cartridge, nails, remote krestovinki, wooden slats section 25x25 mm, spatulas, level, pliers, hammer, sponges, file, Tile, pencil.
Before you start putting pliitku in the kitchen, you need to carefully prepare the wall.They must be even to lay tile for a long time and well-kept.To do this, remove all the cracks and irregularities.Speakers leveled space, deepening to cover filler or a solution of cement.The walls must be prepared as thoroughly as before applying the plaster good.
is followed very precisely calculate how many tiles you'll need.Better number of tiles required for lining each wall, considered separately.Some
where tiles have to be cut.Even the cut tiles should be considered as a whole and rounding always lead in a big way.Considers it necessary in centimeters.
How to put a tile in the kitchen
Thus, measurements are made, bought tiles, walls ready to go.Now you have to estimate the dry, how things will look.To do this, fasten the first row of tiles horizontally along the wall.If the wall has openings - windows, doors, etc., to start laying the tiles from the middle of the wall.Walking should be the right and left.If the openings and areas where the tiles will not be there, you can start tiling from the corners.However, in this case, they should be smooth, so you do not have a tile once again cut.
How to put a tile in the kitchen
To set the horizontal reference line, must be imposed on the wall tiles leaning against the rail of the first row and check it horizontally using a level.Rake will be based on the topmost tile.At the level of the upper edge of the lower tiles using a level you need to draw a baseline, then at 2 mm from it (taking into account the width of the joint) beat majachnuju rail.
vertical reference line mark out in the same manner.It is necessary to the upper left corner of the wall to attach the tiles to fasten her plummet.Then you can move the tiles down along the plumb line.So you can see the places where it will stand as a whole, and where it should be cut.
adhesive should be applied with a notched trowel directly to the wall, on an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1 m2.The first tile should be strengthened at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical strips, then lay out the bottom row.A bar should be very firmly leans against the wall.To the seams between the tiles are the same, you need to use spacers.Speaking of glue joints should be immediately wiped with a damp cloth.