you need
  • fiberglass tape, perforated aluminum corner putty plasterboard, spatula
Make a frame for the interior angles of the profiles (PC or CD).Connect with screws for metal long 9.5 mm every 20-30 cm. Screw the side portion of the profile is perpendicular to the face of the other half.This will set up the hard angle of the two profiles, which insert the perimeter guiding profile (Mon - UD).Set the corner profile in the level and attach to the perimeter (Mon - UD) on metal screws 9.5 mm in length.
Make a frame for the outer corner, putting sections next to each other - one on
one side of the wall, and the other to the other, fixing them with screws to the perimeter profile (Mon - UD).Sufficient rigidity is achieved with plasterboard paneling.
Pick up the sheets of drywall so they docked at the corners with native truncated edges.This is required so that when you install the grid on the inner corners and angle ok on the outside corners of drywall mesh and angle app did not go beyond the general plane of the drywall joints listov.Esli sheets are cut, then they should be required to chamferat an angle of 45 degrees and a depth of half or slightly less than the sheet thickness.This is necessary to increase the area of ​​fixing plaster with putty when grouting.
Take fiberglass tape, fold it in half and attach to the inner corner.Take a corner trowel and make sure it is firmly seated in it.This procedure was repeated for all internal uglov.Vozmite aluminum perforated angle to create the outer corner.Self-tapping screws, attach it to the two sides to the plasterboard.Check the tightness of his fit.
Prepare a spatula and fillings for plasterboard.Place it in a plastic tub and then, using a spatula, apply it to the inner corners and razgladte.Nanesite putty spatula on both sides of the outer corners.Smooth and shape angle to an acceptable result.
Make polishing inside and outside corners (after the filler is completely dry).To do this, use a sanding block.This procedure was performed by wearing a dust mask.