you need
  • - metal and plastic spatulas
  • - primer for interior decorating
  • - Paint Rollers
  • - spray
  • - warm water
  • - putty
  • - newspaper
  • - PaintTape
  • - Level / Plummet
Prepare the room.First, you need to make the room all that will disturb you during the repair.If the room is large, all the furniture, you can simply make the center of the room and hide papers fastened together masking tape.Be sure to protect the floor and skirting.They should also hide the newspapers, and they, in turn, secure with masking tape, so that your work is not accidentally crumbled draft.
Remove old wallpaper from the walls.Everything here is very simple: tear the old wallpaper from the walls, and the job is done.If the layer of wallpaper very thick, or keep them on the wall very hard, just soak
a site gives you problems with warm water and wait for a while.Under the influence of water the old glue and paper melted, and you will only remove them from wall with a metal spatula.
Remove debris and start Shpatlevanie.Of course, under a layer of old wallpaper show up irregularities in the wall, small holes or cracks.With all these disadvantages will handle putty.The work should be carried out in two stages.First, using a small spatula fill large voids and cracks.
After the treated areas are dry, level, if necessary, the entire surface of the wall remaining putty.In order not to rely solely on your eye, which may bring, use level.
Cover the surface of the primer.This is the final stage of preparation wall to glueing wallpaper .With a roller Apply the product to completely dry wall: so you have to prepare it for the application of the adhesive, is significantly improving its grip.Apply
can be one or two layers (read the instructions).