Tip 1: How to separate wiring

Wiring in the house may seem like a simple procedure, but in reality it requires a deliberate action and pre-planning.Otherwise, when using electrical appliances you will experience discomfort and in the worst case, you need to carry out a complete renovation of power.In order to properly dissolve wiring , you need to consider a number of requirements to the system.
you need
  • - sockets, switches, lighting fixtures;
  • - electric cable;
  • - junction boxes;
  • - Angle grinders ("Bulgarian");
  • - pliers;
  • - wire cutters;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - alabaster.
Think First, a number of outlets and switches need to install in the house and determine the places where they should be.Select a place in the box, which will be located counter and automatic regulating electricity.
Mark the selected locations in the position of the elements of the system and make a recess in the walls for mounting sockets, switches and control box, using a hammer.
In accordance with the planned number of el
ectrical appliances purchase necessary sockets, switches and connectors.To purchase a line input cable cross-section 4.5 mm.Indoor wiring require cables of 2.5 mm, and sockets, switches and lighting would be enough wire cross section of 1.5 mm.
When selecting placement of switches and sockets are guided by considerations of convenience.According to the standard power outlet must be installed at a distance of 200 mm from the floor.Switches conveniently placed at a height of 900 mm, it was convenient to use them, without raising his hands.
Each room set junction boxes.Optimally will place them over the outlets.In the presence of the ceiling of plasterboard on the ceiling of the box set, attaching them with screws.In other cases, hide the box in the wall.From junction boxes lay connecting wires to the switches, sockets and lighting devices.
for cabling in the walls, do the "grinder" grooves (Grooves).After the cable laying seal the recess in the wall of alabaster and completely level.It is desirable to create a paper layout of the cable in case of need repair or removal could easily gain access to communications, without wasting time looking for them.
Set in a box electric meter and circuit breakers.It takes individual machines on the kitchen group in the washing machine, air conditioning, water heater (if available).It is recommended to provide a separate machine for each room.Each machine put down layout, allows you to define its purpose.
Now connect all the wires from the junction boxes.Set the switches, sockets and lighting fixtures.Connect the power supply, check the system performance.If necessary, correct errors in installation.

Tip 2: How to breed electrician

During the renovation of the existing or laying new wiring should take into account the design of the building or premises, the material of walls and ceilings, under which it will be conducted.Depending on how you will operate the building or premises (industrial, warehouse, residential, etc.), wiring can be hidden or outdoor.There are several ways to solve this problem for every occasion.
How to separate the electrics
you need
  • Electric perforator with a sharp and flat chisel, angle grinder (Bulgarian), carrying - extender mounting switchboards or cabinets with the necessary number of single-phase and three-phase machines, protective plastic corrugated hose,single and three phase electricity cable required cross-mounting boxes, decorative plastic mounting box, plaster or mortar construction, screws and clamps for fastening the drill and a circular (Ballerina).
In a residential concrete or brick house using a hidden type of wiring.Raschertite wall, noting the places where there will be electrical panel and will take place electrically.In places branching wiring and placement of sockets and switches to mark the installation of the box.Insert a flat chisel Electric perforator.Fight Stroebe Application on the wall layout.Grooves Depth and width should be greater than the diameter of the protective corrugated hose 15%.The diameter of the hose depends on the number and diameter of the wires that lead you to this place.
Pre-Cut angle grinders groove depth equal to 2/3 of the depth Grooves at the edges.Punch holes for mounting boxes.In areas of high fortress wall material using a sharp chisel.Measure the necessary length and cut the electric wire with a margin of 15-20 centimeters.Tie one end of the wire to the threaded through the corrugated hose wire.Pulling the wire from the opposite side of the hose, insert it electrically.Attach the hose with the wire in Stroebe using plaster or plaster construction.Make a plaster of construction plaster mixture according to the instructions on the packaging.Replace the installation and the electrical box.Set the switches and sockets.Install and connect the lighting.Connect the wires to the machine according to the wiring diagram.
To mount on a wall lined with plasterboard type of wiring used externally.Raschertite a wall, noting the place where wires.Note the location of the mounting boxes for switches, sockets and wiring.A circular drill, drill holes in plasterboard for mounting boxes.Install the mounting box.In the boxes on the layout to fasten drywall decorative mounting boxes required length.Mortise wall mounted electrical box or surface.Place the box in the electrically.Close them with special covers.Connect and install the sockets, switches and lights.According to the wiring diagram, connect the wires to the machines in a cabinet.
  • How to dissolve the house wiring