Quite often there is a problem with breakage handle PVC windows.New handles can be purchased on the construction market.Their cost from 70 to 200 rubles.His replacement will take several minutes.To start to rotate in the base plate of the handle through 90 degrees.Then you will see the screws is fastened to the handle to the window.They need to unscrew with a screwdriver.Then remove the old handle.In this place, set a new pen.Tighten the screws.Under the handle there is a base plate, which regulates the ventilator "comb".Try not to hurt when replacing it.
If the window handle is jammed in the open position and does not rotate, the reason most likely tripped Locking rotation.The fact that the handle was locked in the correct position and allows closing the box.In modern windows fittings there blocker, which prevents damage to the window wi
th a strong impact on the handle.
You need to find the shut-off thin metal plate or the key with the front of the sash.It is located in the handle.Push your finger against the seal plate and try to turn the knob.Note flap must be kept upright.If it is thrown, the upper lock swing-out position will produce the blocking of the rotation of the handle.Only after you have pressed the seal plate, you can easily turn the handle, and return it in an open position.
If you have a hardware "Roto," GU "," Winkhaus "or something else, the metal plate you can not find. Instead, set the metal tab. It is located at an angle relative to the frame. To carry out the adjustment of accessories, you must press the tab with your finger down. He should stand parallel to the sealing rubber. Now you can easily turn the knob to the desired position.

If you will be shimming handle, the reason lies in the dry lubricant or contaminated surfaces. Recommended forthis purpose, use a universal penetrating lubricant such as WD-40 or equivalent. Also suitable engine oil or sewing machine oil, although their effectiveness is much less. Clean the fittings from dirt and dust and lubricate all moving elements. Particular attention should be paid to the upper cornerstransmission.