Tip 1: How to strengthen the panel pvc

plastic panels deservedly in great demand, enabling to do finishing work cheaply, efficiently and quickly.The main advantage of panel PVC is no need to align the surface before installation.
PVC panels can be attached to walls and ceilings using either wood or metal lath and mounting adhesive, if the surface is quite smooth.If the panels are attached to the frame, the space between the panels and the wall (or ceiling) can be filled with insulation or soundproofing material.
To start the installation of the panels, make a frame made of wooden bars or mounting profile.If the panels are mounted vertically, the lath is to be performed in the horizontal direction.The smaller the distance between the bars of the frame, the stiffer will eventually surface.
If you make a wooden frame, then attach it to the panel, you can use mounting brackets or small nails.If the frame is made from a special installation profile, the panel is used for mounting the mounting brackets.
Start installation PVC panels from one corner of the room, securing it in the inner corner or finishing element.Then you can start to install the panel, inserting them into the slots and do not forget to fix the panel on each bar or mounting profiles batten.
If the surface of the wall or the ceiling eliminates the need for frame fastening of panels can be carried out using the mounting glue "liquid nails".To do this, cut the panel the desired length, then apply it to the back side of a uniformly small amount of glue, and attach the panel to the wall or ceiling.
panels are inserted one by one to the corner of a wall, window or doorway, where they should turn over the internal or external area.After the installation of the panels, install baseboards and other decorative elements that hide the edges of panels.

Tip 2: How to fix the panel on the wall

lately decorative wall panel become one of the most popular materials for interior walls.This is understandable.The low cost of the wall panels and easy care of this stuff do panel very attractive to consumers.Wall paneling is perhaps the most simple and "clean" way to finishing the interior.Besides, to cope with such a finish may even amateur.
How to fix the panel on the wall
you need
  • - building level;
  • - screws;
  • - Drill;
  • - plane;
  • - Roulette;
  • - Saw;
  • - the bracket staple gun;
  • - a hammer;
  • - wooden slats.
Calculate the amount of material and komplektuyuschihIzmerte length of the wall with a tape measure and divide the resulting number by the width of the panels.If measurements must be taken into account as the size of door and window openings.Their value must be subtracted from the length of the wall already received.Separately, make a calculation of surfaces under the windows and above the door and windows.The length of the panels should be selected based on the height of the ceiling in the room.The number of components should be calculated on the basis of the characteristics of trim door and window openings, as well as the number of internal and external corners of the room.
Prepare panels and tools.Keep in mind that when you unpack the pack with wall panels is not recommended to pull panel an end pack, asthis can lead to scratches on their front side.Prepare the required number of strips for the crates.For the installation of plastic panels recommend using galvanized metal parts.
Mount obreshetkuRazmette walls and attach them to the wooden slats with dowels and screws.All you need to put on the rack level.The distance between the laths should be 50-60 cm. It should be noted that the batten should be placed strictly perpendicular panels.With horizontal mounting rails panels must be mounted vertically on the wall, when mounted vertically - horizontally.
Mount wall panel wall panels Installation should begin from the left corner and move to the right corner of the window or a doorway.Set in a corner with metal clips special area (finishing element).Insert the first panel in the slot bracket.To do this, provided the mounting shelf panel .Check the vertical mounting using a spirit level.Attach the mounting shelf second panel on crate.Insert the spike following panel already installed in the slot.When installing the panels must ensure that they are as tight to each other.The last wall panel is inserted into the groove of the finishing element.
Fasten floor and ceiling moldings.Attach the skirting boards can be using the same metal staples or nails.Installation of the wall panels is completed.
If you purchased the plastic panel in the cold season, then before you unpack and install them, give them the "lie down" in a warm room.Note that when the panels are stored at temperatures below 0 degrees, acclimatization time must be not less than 48 hours, if at a temperature of 0 to 10 degrees - at least 12 hours.
Helpful Hint
Installation of decorative panels does not require prior training wall - no need to remove the old paint and leveling putty.

If you install the wall panels in the room with high humidity must be treated batten special water-repellent composition.Another option - use instead of wooden slats, metal profiles.
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