metal frame serves pretty decent time.He is not subject to rot, resists pests tree and most of time.After the installation of metal structures must remain a space that can be used for laying engineering communications.To get such a space, the frame must be installed at a certain distance from the wall.It will be possible to lay heating pipes, electrical wires and stuff.
In addition, it is not necessary to prepare the wall for mounting the metal profile.The fact that this type of frame is very hard.You can make the lining of the wall that has a height of about 10 meters, while not allowing the reduction of the rigidity of the supporting framework.Weight cladding is approximately 15 kg / m 2 wall.
recommended for rack mounting use profiles PN 28/27 complete with profiles of PP 60/27 o
r set of profiles PN and PS.Profiles of lathing PP 60/27 should be set at some distance from the wall.Attach it best through direct hangers.Fixing plugs made of metal profiles.Attachment points should be located at a distance of 1 meter from each other.If you are using direct hangers, the step should not be more than 1.5 meters.
Before starting the installation, you need to measure the wall and smash zahvatki.Their width should be equal to the width of the plasterboard panel.Installation of metal structures must be carried out so that the joint line adjacent sheets of plasterboard was the exact center of the front of the shelves of the vertical profile.Next, you need to find a design position facing the front of the plane of the whole.For this purpose, on the floor you have to draw a line parallel to the wall.Its length should be equal to the depth of the frame plus the thickness of the gypsum boards.Thereafter, the ceiling scheduled several points the line connecting them.It stands facing abroad.