you need
  • For zashtukaturivaniya wall, you will need: cement, ready mix sand or plaster wall, trowel, poluterok, grater, angled spatula, trowel, rule, scraper.
Before starting work, prepare the wall for plastering.Beat with a trowel wall all bulges protruding from the joints of masonry.Examine carefully the wall, whether it swinging on bricks or exfoliating solution.If brick Jag, it is necessary to pick out as long as he does not cease to be strewed.Rate evenness wall , attaching plumb line to the top of wall and lower it to the bottom, notice where you have to put thicker solution, but where thinner, make notes in chalk where thinner need to write the + (plus), where thinner -(minus).Now, generously spray the wall with wa
ter, how you can either spray or a broom, dropping it into a bucket of water.
Prepare plaster.Take the container can be an old trough, pour into it 1 bucket of cement add 4 buckets of sand, carefully move to dry mix is ​​very convenient to use the garden sneaker.Now add the water a little, half a bucket of water and start to mix with one edge capacity, then add another and so until you reach the other end of the container.Mixing cement-sand mixture with water also carries a hoe - it is very convenient and fast.The solution should be quite thick, it is possible to check the correct thickness with a trowel (trowel), slide the trowel shallow if it does not fall, therefore, the solution is quite thick and suitable for plastering walls.
now proceed with the plastering, starting from the bottom.Sketch the solution with a trowel in the bottom part of the wall and pressing poluterok to the application of the solution, start to pull it up, leveling.The thickness of the layer should be no more than 1 cm. And so did those few times to get plastered walls permissible size of 1 square meter.Now take graters and a circular motion rub the solution into the wall.Where there will be formed holes, toss back a little of the solution and re-leveling float.And so the parts of the wall must done gradually, you should at once be reached from the bottom to the top, such as a strip width of 1 meter, if you throw plaster and continue the next day, it will be difficult to combine old has withered with the new solution.
Now you plastered one wall, you need to go around the corner to the other wall.Sketch the solution or to stick his hands in the corner, take graters and smooth solution, first on one side then the other angle side.In order to become completely flat angle, slide the angle of the corner with a spatula and align the corner.When you have all wall become ready, then go over it in the usual spatula, knocking droplets of solution and small bumps.Now you just have to handle wall primer and paint facade paint.