connecting the lamp, it is worth remembering the basic rule - all work must be carried out with light without power!Therefore, pre-check with a tester the presence of voltage in seti.Imeyte in mind that the chandelier lamps require three-wire system.At the same time all the lights will be switched on simultaneously.If the chandelier is made up of five or more lamps - requires a three-wire system.Such a lamp is conveniently connected to the switch dvuhklavishnomu .This will enable to regulate the ways to include: You can include only one or three lamps, o
r all five at once.
Observe polarity when connecting chandeliers.Chandeliers on the terminal phase is usually marked by the letter L, zero - N.Esli on the body of the chandelier shows a screw, this means that the grounding provided and must be connected.
have chandeliers, has a lot of horns (the one that should be connected to dvuhklavishnomu switch ), marking the terminals following: L1, L2 and N, where L1 and L2 - food for two separate groups chandeliers.Thus, from the ceiling must go wire 3: 1 and 2, the zero phase.
Remember via a switch is necessary to start up the phase wire.This is done for convenience - with the need to replace the lamp or conduct minor repairs do not need to turn off the automatic switchboard, simply click a button vyklyuchatelya.Itak, sort out the wires, proceed directly to the connection.
Turn on first one key.On the alleged wire put a screwdriver indicator.If the LED lights up, it means that the phase wire found.The operation was repeated twice to ensure that it found the wire.
Likewise find the phase wire from the second key switch.Now proceed to seek zero.This wire is blue, white or black.Put a screwdriver indicator, and, if the LED is not lit, zero is found.
Now turn off the power.Hang a chandelier on kryuchok.Nulevoy wire to neutral wire in the junction box.Phase wire to wire in the same phase.
If there is a green wire, connect it to the same in the junction box.This ground.
All wires connect between a chandelier-terminals.