Ventilate the apartment.Vinegar evaporates, because he has to erode.It takes from several hours to several days (depending on what has happened).
Wash clothing powder, vinegar if you spill on your clothes.If a thing is cheap or old, just throw it.
Clean shoes ammonia, vinegar if somehow I got in your favorite shoes.
Wash cookware in heavily salted hot water (if the smell of vinegar publishes dishes).
Use sorbent-cleaner to absorb odors in your refrigerator, if the smell of vinegar showed up there.Good soda absorbs odors.
Prepare the following solution: a bucket of water - one tablespoon of ammonia and two tablespoons of detergent for synthetic or wool fabrics.The solution used for cleaning carpets.
Clean your carpet with a damp cloth soaked in such a solution, and then - with a dry cloth, allow to dry thoroughly.Take care not to wet the carpet base.
Consult your doctor if the smell of vinegar you go out of his mouth.It is a symptom of a serious poisoning.And may indicate an increased secretion of gastric acid, which often leads to gastritu.Imeyte, however, mean that the very beautiful vinegar odor absorber unpleasant and disinfector.Always have on hand a spray bottle with vinegar and treat the five percent they table tops, cutting boards, sponges, etc.It is not necessary to wash it after that, you can even leave the surface treated with vinegar overnight.Sharp vinegar smell should disappear in a few hours.
Measure using a blood glucose meter.If the vinegar smell on you most, you may have diabetes.Biochemical analysis of blood still pass is recommended.
Consult a therapist or a neurologist if you smell everywhere vinegar , and no one except you, it no longer feels.This may be a symptom of all, anything from psycho disorders to serious pathology.