Tip 1: How to remove the fungus in the wall

moisture, improperly installed windows, poor ventilation - all this is the cause of unsightly streaks on the walls - mold and mildew.In order to remove the fungus in wall , you need to carry out a full range of measures aimed at decontamination.Additionally, you must remove the original cause of the fungus.
you need
  • mildew remover, primer, putty, plaster, roller or brush, spatula.
In order to remove the fungus in wall , you need to identify the cause of its occurrence.The reason for "blackening" of the walls can be:
• High humidity in the room;
• Violation of isolation interpanel seams;
• Inadequate ventilation; In order to prevent the re-emergence of the fungus on the walls, it is necessary to remove the cause of its occurrence.
In order to remove the fungus in wall , remove the old wallpaper and a brush or spatula, remove the plaster layer is affected by the fungus.Contaminated plaster usually more friable and easily peeled.We clean the infected area must to
its foundation - fungus , penetrated deep into the plaster, is not visible.
treated walls with a special compound that allows the cement to remove the tape and open the pores of the concrete.As such means suitable Himfrez.
Dissolve tool to remove mold and mildew with water following the instructions.As such funds can take soil "Aseptic", has many years of activity.However, there are many recipes, allowing a home to prepare a solution to combat the fungus on the walls.Breeding means put on the wall with a roller or brush.Pay special attention to places infected by the fungus.
After treatment, prime the walls with antiseptic primer.It is necessary to harden the surface of the base of the wall and to improve adhesion shtukaturki.Sleduyuschim step is to apply a waterproofing compound.On primed wall waterproofing mixture is applied with a roller or kisti.Posle applying waterproofing, apply a primer of deep penetration and start to plaster and putty walls.After complete drying of the plaster, you can start wallpapering.

Tip 2: How to remove the fungus on the wall

noticed on the walls in the apartment black dots or spots, do not hesitate.The sooner you start to deal with moldy fungi, the more likely will be your victory.The spores of the fungus is not only spoil the appearance of the premises, but they can also cause a variety of allergic diseases.
How to remove fungus on the wall
you need
  • - spatula or metal brush;
  • - Respiratory;
  • - Construction bucket;
  • - Water;
  • - Copper sulfate;
  • - Vinegar 9%;
  • - Boric acid;
  • - Ferrous sulfate;
  • - Creosote;
  • - Formalin;
  • - brush or roller;
  • - Purchase Deep penetration with antiseptic component.
Clean the wall of wallpaper.Moisten the wallpaper with a wet cloth, so that they moved away from the wall, then with a spatula and hands free contaminated surface.
Wear respirator, controversy is very volatile and can harm your health.Take the dispenser with hot water.Moisten with water the plaster, let it swell.With a spatula or wire brush to clean off all the plaster of the concrete base.Clean large area wall, and not only in the fungus infection.
Disinfect wall. fungus penetrates deep into the concrete structure, so only the superficial methods did not win.There are several solutions for disinfection.Choose the appropriate for you.
dissolve in 10 liters of water 0.5 kg of copper sulfate and two liters of vinegar.
Prepare creosote surface treatment.
Make a solution of 10 liters of water, 0.9 kg of borax, boric acid, 0.4 kg, 1.4 liters of vinegar.
Mix 0.5 kg of copper sulfate, 0.5 kg of iron sulphate in 10 liters of water.
loosening of 0.25 liters of formalin 40% in 10 liters of water.
roller or brush promazhte wall infested with fungus.Give wall thoroughly dry.Cover the second layer of disinfectant solution.Again dry.
Prepare instructions for the purchase soil deep penetration with antiseptic component.Primer well into the concrete base.Dedusting surface of the walls.It improves adhesion to the finishing materials.And most importantly, preserves the breathability of the wall that will prevent the proliferation of fungal spores.
Zashtukaturte wall.Let it dry completely.Cover it again with antiseptic ground.Now your wall is ready for wrapping fresh wallpaper.
Helpful Hint
take preventive measures against mold.Get rid of moisture.Well-ventilated area.
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Do not forget about safety - processing facilities needed to carry out a respirator and rubber gloves.
Helpful Hint
To make at home solution to eliminate mold and mildew on the walls, take 10 liters of water, a pound of copper sulfate and two liters of acetic acid.
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