Preparatory and follow grebkovyh motion with both hands simultaneously and symmetrically.Starting position: hands forward along the surface of the water, start the movement of the wrist, in the bend of the wrist joint at an angle of no more than 30 degrees relative to the surface of the water.
then involve moving the forearm.In the first quarter of the stroke, move the hand and forearm downward and backward, move your elbows to the sides by 15-20 cm. After that connect the work of the main grebkovyh muscles and move the whole hand back with increasing speed.Brush hold the position perpendicular to the direction of movement.At that moment, when crossed vertical, make sure that the hand was bent at the elbow at an angle of 100-110 degrees.
During the second part of the stroke af
ter brush crossed vertical, leave the angle at the elbow unchanged, but the forearm take a perpendicular position relative to the surface of the water.Lift your shoulders up to the end of the stroke, and bend the arm at the elbow at a time when the shoulders out of the water.
footwork.Lift the straight leg and take a position in which the legs are parallel to the surface of the water and lower the hips down and slightly arch your lower back.Lower the knees down, and lift up to the top of the foot to the water surface.
intensively bend and unbend your knees and at the expense of the foot and lower leg with increasing speed moves down and back.Stroke finished straightening feet down from the inside.Keep pelvis was shifted up and was at the water surface, and the legs, straighten the knees and feet, it formed an angle of 30-35 degrees.