Tip 1: How to glue mosaic

In the store you can buy building materials mosaic tiles, which are made in the form of a sheet.The pieces are pasted on a paper or mesh base.On the basis of a certain way chosen pattern of colored rectangles.The beauty of mosaic surfaces depends not only on the artistic aspects, but also on competent preparation of the surface, the adhesive and grout.
you need
  • - mosaic;
  • - adhesive;
  • - comb;
  • - bar;
  • - a hammer;
  • - spatula;
  • - damp sponge;
  • - grout.
To paste mosaic necessary to prepare the surface.It should be clean, smooth and dry.Sand the surface to obtain a white background.
the prepared surface swipe line to help position the sheets.To this end, spread sheets to the floor.Measure the size of three adjacent sheets.The sheets stacked so that the distance between them is equal to the distance between the pieces.
Transfer the resulting size of the working surface.And with a plumb apply the net.Wall turn divided into multiple squares.The squares correspond to
nine sheets of mosaic.
For laying mosaic, use a latex-based adhesive that is resistant to moisture and temperature changes.Do not use adhesive mortar for ceramic tiles.
Apply glue to the surface of the comb with V-shaped teeth 5 mm.Apply smeared movements back and forth.Comb hold at an angle of 30 degrees to the surface.At the same time push slightly on the edge of the comb, the adhesive filled all the voids and pores of the surface.Do not cover the entire surface immediately, but only a small area.Smooth out the glue first flat side, and then the notched side.
on the back of the mosaic also apply glue for better adhesion to the surface.Glue is applied only to the tile, instead of the paper base mosaic.
Take a sheet with mosaic tiles and lay on the surface of the paper side out.Align the his and pressed to the wall.To do this, use a trowel trowel or stick with a hammer.
the joints, inspect and, if necessary, lightly tap on them.This is done so that after laying obtain a flat surface, or air bubbles formed between the tiles and glue.
After gluing mosaic tiles, remove the sheets of paper.To do this, take a wet sponge and wipe with paper.Try to do it very carefully so as not shifted tile sheets.
Wait darkening the paper from moisture.Remove it by pulling diagonally down.You must remove the paper immediately after laying mosaic sheets.Then you can trim the seams until the glue has dried completely.
Once removed tissue or paper is necessary to fill the gaps between the mosaic.Apply a special grout trowel in the longitudinal and transverse direction.Remove excess grout with a spatula and 20 minutes, clean the surface of the mosaic with a damp sponge.

Tip 2: How to stick mosaic

Mosaic - a decorative image is made up of pieces of colored glass, ceramic or other materials.Mosaic pattern can be decorated with any reasonably flat surface - walls, ceilings, floors and countertops.Materials for creating mosaics can be found in stores of products for creativity and interior design and repair.To begin the development of this spectacular technology better with smaller projects, and to gain experience, you can move on to bigger, such as the establishment of a panel on the wall.
How to stick mosaic
you need
  • - puzzle pieces of different colors;
  • - adhesive for bonding mosaic;
  • - grout to fill the joints;
  • - Spatula for applying adhesives and grouts;
  • - sponge;
  • - tweezers (for a mosaic of very small elements).
purchased in a specialty store a set of small mosaic tiles of the colors that are present in your design.If the pieces of the tiles will need to be cut, buy a special tile cutter.Incision is made on the rear side of the mosaic tiles, even pressure to the cutter for smooth and clean cut.Sand the cut tile that was not mikroskolov.
Prepare the surface for bonding the tiles.It should be dry and perfectly smooth without any cracks.If you have a wooden surface, then sand the pre and prime it.Degrease the ceramic surface.
Draw pencil conceived pattern on the surface, you'll hang mosaics.You can also transfer the desired pattern from a book or an art book on tracing paper, and then, with the help of carbon paper - on the surface to be decorated.
Place the pieces in a pattern, using a special tile adhesive.If you use glass mosaic , then you can buy the white glue to the color tiles adhered not distorted.Apply glue to the pieces of the puzzle, following the manufacturer's recommendations, and apply them to decorate the surface in accordance with the figure.
Another way - apply a layer of adhesive on a small area of ​​the surface to be decorated with a spatula.Then lay out the mosaic , pressing her pieces to the adhesive surface.
The third method is suitable for gluing the mosaic with a complex pattern or ornament.It is used if you want to accurately lay out risunok.Sformiruyte drawing fully on adhesive paper or film, putting the pieces face down.Then apply the adhesive to the surface of the mosaic and paste the whole sheet at once to a selected surface.After drying glue, remove the retaining paper.
next stage - grouting.Prepare a special grouting composition, following the instructions on the packaging.Apply grout trowel on the surface of the mosaic and fill in all joints between the pieces.If the mosaic has an irregular surface, you can help your fingers to penetrate deep into all the grout joints.Remove excess grout, and after it dries, wipe mosaic with a damp sponge.
To avoid contamination of clothing, protect her work apron or a bathrobe.

If you are making the pieces from specially split dishes or tiles, be sure to protect your eyes and exposed parts of the body from the random fragments.
Helpful Hint
Work in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of from 3 to 30 degrees Celsius.