you need
  • whitewash, oil paint for the walls and windows, putty, water roller, container for the solution, airbrush
As a rule, in our doorways repair and was not long ago, so the whitewash on the walls and ceilings of almost disappeared.Take a broom or mop and sweep up the remnants of whitewash from the walls.In inconvenient places Sweep cobwebs round brush attached to the pin with tape.After that, the ceiling and walls, moisten with water from a spray gun and let the room dry.
next stage of work - cleaning of the panels from the old paint.Take a putty knife or other sharp instrument, and scrape off the old paint from the walls of the weak.If the plaster separated from the wall surface, then knock
it with a hammer to the ground to subsequently strengthen its new coat of plaster.
all places that you cleared the walls, prime the soil and allow the room to dry.Then proceed with the plastering of those places that you repulsed.Dissolve the dry mixture and apply to the section of the wall.If the plaster should be two times, let the first coat dry and only then apply the next layer.Do not forget to moisten the second layer of the wall of water, otherwise the plaster will not hold and fall off.
While the plaster dries, zashpaklyuyte wall.Take putty, zashpaklyuyte wall at a time and let dry.Then zashpaklyuyte them again.Typically, the walls shpaklyuyut twice, but if necessary, it is possible to make the third time.
When entrance will be made all preparations, start whitewashing the ceiling.Close all floors on the carton markets, and ask residents to shelter the entrance doors.Then you can safely proceed to the whitewashed ceiling.Dissolve the oil filler in water, it is more "opaque" than a whitewash.To check the quality of the whitewash, dip a finger into the solution.If it is a thick coating of whitewash, the solution is suitable for use, if not, the solution is considered to be weak and it is necessary to add filler.Now the solution strain through cheesecloth into a clean bucket and using a gun locked blanch for two times.Follow the whitewash by a helper, because that alone make this work difficult.
After whitewash dries, sand the place plastered on the walls and whitewash, which fell on the panel, otherwise the paint will not stay at these places.Now repel panels line which will pass the border of painting.Do this: take the lace, roll in better blue, and set to the planned spot on.Pull the string and release it rapidly.On the wall remains a trace of methylene blue.Panel height should be 150, 180 cm - this is the optimal height to residents do not get dirty whitewash.
for painting porches used oil paint, easier to keep clean entrance.Take the paint and pour it into a container.Paints need a lot, because in addition to painting the panels would have to paint and fragments of a flight of stairs.It is desirable that it was painted in one color, otherwise entrance will look unsightly.
Take paint and pour off into the bucket.Dip fleyts in the paint and move along the marked boundaries of a flat strip width of 5 cm, do the same thing at the floor panel.Do this around the entire perimeter in entrance , or even if it will make your partner.You are at this time take the roller, dip it in the paint and on the run-in cuvette.Now, each side, to the wall near the floor and drive roller up the panel shading paint the wall, then across.Try often wet roller in the paint, stain panel with no spaces.After the first painting the panels, allow to dry and then paint the walls a second time.Oil paint is easy to spread and covers the surface of the well, so you can easily do the job.
last stage repair and entrance - painting window and fragments of railing.Take the white oil paint, stir it and paint the window frames of the half.Also, two times paint fragments railing.