Swimming from the ocean

Not so long ago synchronized swimming celebrate the 70th anniversary of the modern name.It appeared at the start of the 20th century somewhere in Australia.Or Canada.And thanks in part to the desire of someone local swimmers to express themselves and their beauty in a special way.In addition to water, the overseas women, apparently, loved dancing and even not so popular in those years of rhythmic gymnastics.In the same pool.As gymnasts, they reacted negatively to the presence of a number of men, preferring to call their form swimming exclusively female.

Olympic debut of synchronized swimming occurred in 1984 in Los Angeles, where the team of the USSR did not come.Therefore surprising that it has become a pioneer North American swimmer, too.By the way, do more than win a silver medal at the informal competition, Mae could not.As he was unable to get to the Olympics.More precisely to the Bill was not allowed, and now it is successfully performed in a variety of aquatic show.Example of May, by the way, turned out to be "contagious": men's synchronized teams were formed in Germany, France, Czech Republic and Japan. Best Athlete simultaneous interpreter US-1998 and 1999, Bill May became the winner of the French Open and Switzerland.And in 2009, he was involved in a water show Olympic champions Maria Kiseleva and Olga Brusnikina "The Lost World."

Halt, who swims, show men's passport!

But why male athletes are not allowed in the competition pool?For example, in figure skating and ice dancing their partners quite comfortable.The answer to this old question exists.But many agree that the men in the most beautiful of water sports is not the place.We do not need any solo performances the audience of young people, or synchronous.

particularly tough to possible innovations are male fans.Homophobic stereotypes of modern society, unfortunately, are so strong that the men seeking to compete with the ladies in the beauty of the execution of dance figures in fact, it is not particularly trying to evidence prefers to blame the sexual orientation.Like, not a man behave in these guys.Maybe just jealous?Skeptics do not bother even the obvious fact that homosexuals generally preferred representatives much more brutal forms.With the people's point of view.And nothing about the young girls as partners in the sport, they just do not dream.

in captivity stereotypes

based this opinion on the categorical statement that synchronized swimming is not just a very elegant, but it is also a feminine sport.The main role in it is given not to the muscles, especially the male, and technology.And the price is not brute force, but a combination of flexibility, coordination, sense of rhythm, sophistication, elegance, plastics, artistry.What can decorate just a real girl.And what natural men, even after years of practice, never to achieve.Stereotypes and patterns ...

However, the girls and the idea to compete with young people is not thrilled.They allow only one, and the more theoretical option when mixed duo competes with the same.And not, as happened in Seattle 98, where the couple Lam - Mei argued for gold with two girls.Too uneven they will chance with both sides.After all, a man obviously stronger, but a woman far more flexible. first Russian to seriously engage in synchronized swimming became the 15-year-old from St. Petersburg, Alexander Maltsev.But all he managed to reach, engaging in a pool of six years, is to speak in a solo program of the national championship.

In FINA veritas

Obviously not seek to innovate, and officials from the International Federation (FINA).Perhaps because the appearance of male athletes is fraught with additional problems for them.For example, a complete change in the rules and principles of refereeing.And surely take some "flavor".It is not as big secret that the tribune pool, which hosts synchronized swimmers, often filled with fans who purchased tickets peeking out from under the waters of beautiful female legs and arms.