to immersion in cold water reservoirs of Russian divers usually use "wet" suits, complete with who sells and special boots.For such equipment you need fins with an open toe and heel, which are mounted on the leg with the adjustable mount.For "dry" "gidrikov" bots fins are also suitable.
Most snorkellers prefer warm waters of the southern seas, rich in fabulous underwater world.In this case, select the closed fins 1-1.5 sizes larger.This will allow the flippers to keep the foot on the loose enough not to fall from it, do not rub and do not constrain movements.
In that case, if you prefer an energetic style of diving, short, but "fast" distance
, the sharp dive fins select high rigidity.They allow water to move faster, but require costly physical forces.To fit this style and fins with a longitudinal section running in the water by the propeller type, moving it backward.Spending less effort, you will be able to travel long distances with a minimal amount of movement down.
those who like to turn your swim into an underwater tiring and leisurely walk, elastic fit the traditional form of fins, do not allow to develop high speed, but provides comfortable movement without much effort.As for length, snorkelling - recreational navigation, it will be enough fin length 55-65 cm, but for spearfishing fins select a longer - 85-90 cm.
Note that for ease of movement CenterWater pressure on the working surface of the fins should be as close as possible to the point of focus leg swimmer.It is provided in the case, when stretched legs and toes a working vane is equal to the angle of the feet with 20-30 degrees.The hard, straight fins, while moving in the water athlete has to delay the toes strongly that the long voyage can cause seizures.