enjoy swimming

hard to compare the swimming pool with a swim in the open sea.It should be borne in mind that the latter, due to high salt concentration in the water load on the muscles is considerably reduced.Thus, people can effortlessly stay afloat.

Swimming - excellent prevention of degenerative disc disease and various other diseases.Plunging into the water, the human body as much as possible using all of the muscles of the body.When the load on the bones and joints evenly distributed.

regular swimming lessons as one of the most effective types of kardionagruzok allow a natural way to increase the vital capacity of the lungs.It has a positive effect on the functions of the respiratory system.In addition, swimming hel
ps to secure the loss of extra kilograms, resulting in muscle tone, making the muscles more elastic, improves the immune system.

Similar exercise are ideal for those who seek to engage in sports, but for medical reasons (heart problems, high levels of obesity, curvature of the spine) can not perform many of the exercises.

enjoy swimming as a child, during the formation of the musculoskeletal system and the body as a whole, is very high.This sport is like no other, increases the chances of the respiratory system and is developing all the muscles completely.Children enjoy visiting the pool, combining positive emotions and health benefits.

also diving - is the perfect remedy for depression and stress.These lessons perfectly calm the nervous system, filling the body with positive energy.One or two sessions per week is enough to appreciate the advantages of this sport to the fullest.

harm swimming

swimming Call completely safe sport complex, despite a number of positive qualities.The main disadvantage of it swimming in the pool is the water quality.Purify it in public places such a plan using chlorine.This is not the best way affects the state of nails, hair and skin of swimmers.In addition, after swimming in a pool, a person may experience an allergic reaction.

Inadequate hygiene can also play a role.Harm swimming in the pool is able to manifest itself in the form of education warts, nail fungus, in exceptional cases - denying and scabies.To avoid such problems after swimming in the pool, wash thoroughly in the shower, using antibacterial gel or soap.