you need
  • - wooden door
  • - varnish for wooden surfaces
  • - a small roller or brush
  • - cloth
  • - sander
  • - sandpaper fine-grained and coarse-grained
  • - Construction hairdryer
  • - spatula
  • - plaster on wood
you purchased a new door from the raw array, then work on removing the old cover you miss.Give door horizontal position.Put her on a stool and onto the floor podstelil newspapers to paint will not drip on your coverage.
in restoration of old doors , remove it from the hinges and place it on the stool.Now you need to clean the door of the old coating.If your door was covered with paint, you will need a hairdryer and construction spatula.Take cover
in a well-ventilated room, the smell of paint is heated very strong.Point the hair dryer on the work surface.From hot air paint starts to bubble.Remove the paint with a spatula.Then treat the entire door shlifmashinkoy.Esli door was covered with lacquer , then remove the old paint sander or sandpaper.
the presence of cracks or chips on a wooden surface, apply the putty.Pick up the plaster so that it fits the color of the door .After complete drying of the treated space, walk on it nazhdachkoy.
Pour varnish from large banks in a plastic container with a ribbed edge that was convenient for him wring excess paint from the roller.Foam roller dipped in nail polish, slide it along the edge of the container.Evenly coat the surface of the door .Do not sag.Luck must be completely dry.The door will be rough.Do not worry, as it should be.
Pick up a fine sandpaper and sand the surface.The hardware store sells special holder for nazhdachki not to hurt the hand.If you do not have such a device, take a piece of wood and wrap it with sandpaper.Thus it will be easier and more comfortable skin.Wipe with a damp cloth to wood dust door .Again, cover the layer of varnish.Poshkurte.For a smooth coating must be applied 3 - 4 coats of varnish.