are two kinds of smoking - cold and hot.The most commonly used way to hot.This is due to the fact that in this case the speed of preparation of the product increases, moreover, this method requires no special labor costs.
When handling hot smoking occurs within a few hours, the temperature of the smoke at the same time high.Products lost in the processing of hot-smoked quite a bit of moisture, why they are soft and juicy.The disadvantages of this method of smoking is the fact that the shelf life of smoked meat is not too large.One way to increase the term of safety products smoked - additional predrying.
Another way - cold smoking.When it passes through the heating o
f foods cold smoke, but over a much longer period of time - several days.Moisture is almost gone.The shelf life of smoked products significantly higher, they have excellent taste.
By building smokehouse , it should be remembered that it usually consists of three components: a camera for smoking, chimney, fireplace.
camera to smoke is a kind of container with a tight lid.For the supply of smoke in the chamber is a special hole.Chimney serves to supply the smoke from the hearth in the chamber and cooling it to the desired temperature.The pipe can be quite considerable length - is required in order to have an opportunity to cool off smoke.Outbreak - a special oven in which charring is sawdust and wood pulp.It is the source of smoke.
place for the smoker can be identified, for example, in the attic.The material used for the device smokehouse - boards, bricks, pieces of metal.In the simplest form of closet smoker will resemble the length and width of about one meter, a height of about two meters.Conveniently make smokehouse adjacent to the flue pipe, in which case it will need two holes with shutters.
In the absence of a special smokehouse can be used for smoking food a couple of barrels.They must be put one on another.The upper barrel is equipped with slats arranged transversely to which will be attached products.The upper barrel is equipped with a wooden lid with a hole for smoke.
lower barrel will have a hole to lay the wood.The hearth is made of sawdust.It will ignite a small fire of torches, or it will take to fill a hole coals.This design is suitable for the smoker smoked meat products.