Tip 1: How to set slopes of sandwich panels

Setting slopes - the final, but no less important stage in the replacement or installation of plastic windows.This procedure gives the window opening a finished look and improves insulation window.Slopes of sandwich panels stand out among the other easy installation and high thermal insulation properties.
you need
  • - sandwich panels;
  • - plastic corners;
  • - Roulette;
  • - Circular Saw;
  • - foam installation;
  • - Scotch paint;
  • - adhesive;
  • - sealant.
Start with measurements of the window opening.With a tape measure the width "W", the height of the "B" and the depth "D".Record the results.
Take the sandwich panel to mark her three blank (for one window).Use the measurement results.You should have two pieces the size of "× D" and the size of one piece "W × D."
Saw all the elements of the sandwich panels.Use a circular saw with a fine tooth comb.In order to get the best cuts, do not immerse the saw blade is too deeply.The immersion depth should not exceed the thickness o
f the material of more than 3 mm.Use the guide rail.
Adjust the workpiece "W × D" so that she stood in the doorway, stepping over the edge of the frame 2-3 mm (depth of the opening).Fill the gap with foam and press the front cover to the opening.Lock it in that position using masking tape.
Measure the height of the window unit in accordance with the side panels, prepare "× D" so that they fell into place.Get the edge of the panel frame, fill the space between the wall and panel mounting foam and press the item.Fix it mechanically.Repeat these steps on the other side of the window opening.
Wait until the foam is completely dry.Remove the masking tape that secures the panel and start the decoration of plastic slopes area.
Area Take appropriate width and prepare it for installation.Cut a piece of the desired length (to the top of the length is equal to "W" + width of your area and for the side parts of a "B" bracket + width).Party Corner, which will close the panel, cut the size of the opening.The other part, the outside trim framing the opening at an angle (from the edge to the place of cutting the size of the opening).
Glue decorative corners, after removing the protective film from the panels in the contact area with the panel.If at the joints of panels were slit seal the sealant their white color.Completely remove the protective film from the panels and parts.

Tip 2: How to set slopes

After installing plastic windows is required to do the installation of slopes. Slopes help lead window opening to the aesthetic appearance.If you decide to set yourself slopes, it is necessary to have information about the materials, as well as how to properly perform the installation. slopes on the windows are inside of the window opening.They are located on the right, left and top of the window.After dismantling the old window and installed new, from the window opening is quite poor appearance.Such doorway needs decoration.
How to set slopes
If you do decide to do the installation yourself on the slopes window opening, you should start with heat insulation.Winterizing slopes of windows is done on a number of recommendations.The insulation does not require the slopes of windows that have remained effective insulation, which comes to the brink of a window box.
If you set the slopes in the wall panels, which have a rib rigidity, it is necessary to use thermofiller.They must be placed along the slopes of the window.
By the choice of the insulation should be treated seriously.The size is calculated by the necessary insulation zone insulation.It is best to choose a material that has good heat-shielding characteristics.Currently heaters for window slopes made of soft or hard mineral wool, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam boards, as well as thermal insulation board, which has insulated and facing layer.This layer consists of hard PVC or asbestos cement.For maximum insulation slopes of windows should be placed insulation around the perimeter of the window unit.Also, it should be laid under the sill board.Insulation should fit snugly to the insulated surface.
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