first exercise - the exercise is "float."Immerse yourself in water about chest and take a deep breath of air.Hold your breath and squatting down, dive into the water and utknites nose on his knees.Survive a few seconds in this position, allowing the body to float.Do it a few times to learn to feel confident in the water.

second exercise that helps you learn how to swim - it's slipping through the water on his stomach.Just go to his chest in water, breathe and lie down on the water so that the face was immersed in it.Then push off from the bottom of your feet and start to slide in the direction of the coast, while to move your legs up and down, stretched out socks after re

pulsion.Once you learn to glide long sliding use arms as if you rake the water in front of him.

third exercise will be - on the water slide at the back.Most afraid that they will drown in this position and lower leg lower in the water, but it should be understood that the sink in this situation is virtually impossible, and lowering the legs, it just does not internalize the ability to swim on his back.To perform the exercise as well go into the water, relax, lie down on the water imagining that you are lying on an inflatable mattress or a circle and try to lie there for a while.When you learn more or less be in this position, try to slide to the shore using hands, without changing the position.

With the development of these exercises, you can easily learn to swim without the fear of water.

Brute mistake is that people trying to lift up my head above when navigating to supposedly not swallowed the water, but it is not.So just get tired neck and body will lie not completely parallel to the water, which is not unimportant factor in training.It lowered his chin into the water.In this position, you can swim a great distance, and neck will not be tired.

should carry out training in the supervision of swimmers people already, and do not swim in cold water, because if the muscle spasm will be reduced, no skills will not help you.