First of all, visit the gynecologist and consult when you can begin to engage in physical exercise, sports or gymnastics.More than others from pregnancy and childbirth suffer muscles of the abdomen, hips, pelvis, lower back, as well as posture, but to bring them back to normal gradually need.Keep in mind that stomach muscles alone are reduced in the first two weeks after birth, so in this period simply engaged kids and household chores - that is enough.If you had a difficult birth or cesarean section, you may need a longer period during which the exercise undesirable.
Immediately after birth Kegel exercises can be done to restore the pelvic muscles.Lie on your back or stomach, tighten your muscles , which are used to delay urination, and hold for 5 seconds, the
n relax, tighten again and so at least 50 times a day.This exercise will also need to perform standing, squatting in the cross-legged position.
To restore the abdominal muscles Lie on your back, squeeze tight legs and bend their knees, put your feet on the floor.On the inhale, lift the stomach and retract on exhalation, lower back pressed to the floor.Good exposure has the following exercise: Take a deep breath, exhale slowly to draw the stomach muscles and hold a few seconds.It can be done in any position, but keeping your back straight.
muscles of the lower back and hips are strengthened lifting the knees to the chest.Lying on your back, bend your knees, take one leg and slowly pull the arm to the chest, hold for 5 seconds, release and relax, and the other foot in this stretch parallel to the floor.Perform this exercise with the other leg.Then attracts both knees to the chest for 5 seconds and release the legs separately.Repeat 10 times.
For comprehensive recovery of the abdominal muscles, lower back and thighs Lie on your back, bend your knees, lift your leg to your chest, then straighten it, keeping the other leg bent.Repeat 10 times on each leg.You can also raise and lower the straightened legs alternately.
To restore posture, his back against the wall, putting the heel 10 cm from the skirting board against the wall back, retract muscles of the abdomen and buttocks, lift the chest.The back should be fully pressed to the wall.Memorize this position, and try to maintain it throughout the day.