Tip 1: How to connect the pump

in a country house, where there is no central water, drilled well.Usually set pumping station which allows you to use tap water, to connect all kinds of Titans, to connect the washing machine and dishwasher.Pumping station is important to correctly install and connect, then it will perform all the functions of the central water supply system.
Install pump as close to the hole.The installation site should have good ventilation and zero temperature.Clip it on the hard ground that during vibration at work, he could not move.
metal and plastic pipes must be connected.Their internal diameter must not be smaller than the pump tube.In the suction pipe set foot valve.If the column of water is less than 4 meters, or your pipeline has a greater extent, the suction pipe, use a larger diameter than the diameter of the inlet of the pump.To avoid air pockets, route the water inlet with a slight rise towards the pump.
Never use pipe flexible rubber hose.It may shrink under the infl
uence of vacuum.
Electrical desirable to connect professional.If you want to connect it yourself, make sure the parameters of the mains with the data on the nameplate of the pump.Provide the most reliable grounding.Be sure to install safety machines.Single-phase motors are equipped with thermal protection relays and can be plugged into the mains.The three-phase connect through the circuit breaker, adjusted in accordance with the current parameters.
Before starting fill the pump body with water through the top screw hole.You can not run the pump dry.For protection from damage better put a special device from running dry.
After filling the pump with water, electrical connections and piping necessary to adjust the pressure in the pump according to the manufacturer's instructions.After adjusting the pressure of the pump can be switched on.

Tip 2: How to connect the pumping station to the well

When constructing a country house or villa owners primarily seeking to establish a system of water supply.Modern technical devices make it possible to abandon the traditional well or running water, which do not always provide sufficient performance.One of the ways to create a home water supply system - installation of the pumping station.
How to connect the well to the pump station

Choice pumping station

choosing for a country homeownership pumping station must be clear what tasks she has to decide.The devices are intended for domestic use, it is usually well suited to provide the family with drinking water and to meet the most common household needs. If you want to get water for watering the infield and use it for heating system, it makes sense to stop the election at the pumping stations more power.

considerable importance is also the alleged source of the water supply.As a rule, for this purpose used well, centralized water supply system or well.Connection station to the well used in practice very often.This type of water supply requires compliance with the rules for installing the system and its configuration.To connect the station to the well, the standard will require a device that can extract water from a depth of not less than 20 m. If the water lies a deeper depth may need additional pump.

should pay attention also to the type of station control, as it can operate in automatic or traditional manual mode.The first type requires minimal user control, but needs more thorough preset.The second type allows you to save money and gives you the opportunity, if necessary, to intervene in the operation of the station in order to change the conditions of its operation.

connect the pumping station to the well

Mounting the pump station begins with the choice of place to install it.Experts recommend to put the unit in a residential or commercial buildings, for example, in a heated basement or pantry.If for this purpose arranged a special caisson, it is important to bear in mind that the pumping station is to be located below the level of natural soil freezing.It is best to place the unit on a stand, not on the floor.

most often have to deal with the stations of the twin-tube type, equipped with ejector - molded unit with outputs for connection.The first stage - the ejector assembly.Previously on the lower portion necessarily put a strainer.Next to a plastic funnel attached eviction ejector, assembled from two parts connected to each other.The outlet end of eviction must end coupling adapter which will be to the polyethylene pipe.

To determine the depth of the descent pipes in the prepared hole is lowered or conventional hose pipe that serves as the yardstick.From the measured values ​​should take 100 mm.This is to ensure that the filter device does not touch the bottom of the well and collecting fine particles of soil.

With coupling polyethylene pipes are attached to the ejector, taking into account the measured working depth.When the pipes are connected, the ejector is lowered into the well to a mark formed on the tubes.If you want to lay the pipe from the well to the house, it should be done with the stock, given the possible twists and turns. Places connection pipe segments carefully sealed with sealing tape.

final stage of installation - the connection pipes to the pump, located at the station.This should be done in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.Recommended screw connections not only seal but also tighten wrench.When the installation is completed, the pumping station is set up to work in one of the selected mode and test the system in action.