you need
  • - liquid nails;
  • - sealant;
  • - nails without hats;
  • - adhesive (for plugs);
  • - rubber mallet;
  • - brush or a thin spatula.
arched corners able to align any design arches, even if it has flaws and irregularities committed during installation.They are bent by applying a notch and make a perfectly flat shape, maintaining the desired position.And to strengthen the arch angle is easy.You can choose the corners of plastic or cork.Recent more amenable to bending because of its elasticity.
sure that the surface on which to attach the arched corner was clean and dry, do not crumble.It should be free of dust and grease.
Plastic ugolNanesite arch on the inside of the product liquid nails and attach to the wall.Try to just do it neatly and accurately correct the error because it would be difficult.If yo
u are not sure that the angle is the desired shape, then try on his first, and only then use the adhesive composition.
Instead of liquid nails can take sealant or conventional nails without hats.The latter may be necessary if Area heavy enough.But note that the score they need to be very careful to not on a shiny surface cracks and chips.
Cork arched ugolHorosho mix glue and spread it to both bonding part.Wait 15-20 minutes to absorb the glue.It should be well moisten the surface, but not to be tacky to the touch.Attach corner of the wall, just to keep all the bends, and press.Be careful correction of a failed bond would be virtually impossible to do.
careful not formed air bubbles.After a few minutes, holding the structure with one hand prostuchite it with a rubber mallet.Speakers immediately remove adhesive residue with a cloth.To fully grasp the adhesive requires 30 to 60 minutes.
Cork arched corners, unlike plastic, does not have a cover.Therefore, they can be applied in almost any case, since the color and finish you can choose a color for the wall or wallpaper.