To separate areas in the rooms, different does not necessarily intended to arrange alterations.It takes a lot of time, effort and money for approval.To legalize the re-planning, you need to create a project, get permission, and only after that do the restructuring in the apartment, when neither moral nor physical strength will not remain.
This can be done a lot easier with the help of curtains, furniture, mobile partitions, screens.It is also possible to distinguish between the space visually, using different colors, textures, wallpaper, floor and ceiling.
Before you radically change the look of the room, plan the location of the zones.Maybe we should swap them, or expand one area at the expense of another?For example, if a bedroom combines the functions of t
he office and the bedroom, the bed should be placed in a shaded area, and is located at the office window.This way you will achieve saving lighting.As for the size of the zones, then someone needs space to work and someone is more convenient to hide in a small cubbyhole and read a book.In the second case, to the office, you can take a small section of accommodating a table and a chair or armchair.
If you separate the living room from the children's room, the possibility of sound insulation, so that children do not interfere with an adult.But between the bedroom and the Cabinet will be enough to thin walls or screens.
methods of separation zones.The easiest way to distinguish between zone furniture.For this fit with clearance rack shelves, i.e., without the rear wall.So you do not block the access to natural light in another area.If you sound insulation is important, the wardrobe or furniture wall will be the best solution.
also possible construction of plasterboard partition, which does not require harmonization of the relevant authorities.For its creation does not require amplification foundation, and the process is quite simple and requires no special knowledge.
lighting should be provided separately for each of the zones.Thus it is necessary to avoid open light source which from one zone to another will penetrate.
Separation of different materials and colors possible where zoning purely symbolic.For example, are often open plan kitchen with dining area.In this case, the kitchen floor tiles should be made, in the cafeteria of a laminate or linoleum.