Part lose weight woman in labor during childbirth , but the body, hoping to protect a child from hunger and keeps the tendency to accumulate fat.Do not worry, at each feeding mother loses about 600 calories.In addition, new emotions and experiences sometimes absorbs all the attention, and weight loss occurs naturally.
The more a woman is concerned about their appearance, the harder it get rid of excess weight .We must let go of the situation, because you do not gain weight in one day, why he should leave immediately?We need to approach this issue responsibly, because now you are responsible not only for their health but also the health and the life of your baby.Everything should be done gradually, without haste.Try to walk more with side
car, a peaceful walk will do the trick, the calories will be burned.Engage in regular charging, let it be 15 minutes a day, but every day.
Eat rational diet give temporary effect, besides, you feed two, think about what the body assimilate minerals your baby, if you sit on a rigid diet.During lactation - not a reason to go hungry and restrict your diet.
Do not limit your drinking.You need to drink a lot, up to 2 liters per day.Sometimes a glass of water, you can pay off an attack of hunger.Filled stomach will not require a snack, and clean water make up for its deficiency in the body.Do not forget to take a bottle of water, going for a walk with the baby.
Tune in to win, record your progress, it will give you strength and help win the fight against overweight.Do not be guided by well-known people to lose weight quickly in the end, you do not know what price they pay for the desire to look slim and successful.Do not go in vain, should pay for everything.Think about whether so-sacrifice for the pleasure of seeing themselves grown thin.All necessary measure, act wisely, and you will succeed.