types of diving

There are 4 types of diving: recreational, sports, technical and professional.The latter is sometimes referred to as diving operations.Under sport understands competition under water.Technical diving - a dive to a depth of 40 meters, requiring special skills, such as dive under the ice or in the wreck.Recreational diving - scuba diving is a pleasure to watch holiday with a diving depth of 40 meters. Diving - is scuba diving with special equipment.

If you're familiar with the first three types, the question for you, where you can practice, it is not necessary.For beginners, this question is very relevant.Residents of the city are not so easy to find the place where the offer to dive into the depths.However, in bi
g cities such as Moscow, this problem is solved quite successfully.There are courses on diving, qualified instructors, all the necessary equipment, and most importantly - equipped place for diving.Therefore, in his spare time, you can master this interesting hobby in his home town, and while on vacation - enjoy spectacular views of the underwater world is already one of the seas.

best places where you can go diving

Diving enthusiasts looking forward to a special holiday.A big plus is that scuba diving vacation, you can take almost any month.So, Maldives - one of the best places for snorkeling in late January to April.The underwater world is startling in its variety: bright tropical fish, sea turtles, giant stingrays, different species of sharks.

From January to May, you can visit the Republic of Palau, located on two hundreds of Pacific islands, of which only eight are inhabited.Here alone, more than 700 tropical fish species.There are also octopuses, various crabs, others are very rare fauna. Divers Palau called "underwater wonder of the world."

February and March experienced divers performed on dive resort Tao in Thailand.Sea turtles and reef sharks, angelfish and parrotfish, big whale sharks willing to allow themselves to be photographed against the background of the underwater rocks, overgrown with corals.

From May to July is the best place - the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.Of particular interest here are the longest underwater cave in the world with giant underwater stalactites and stalagmites.

From May to October is worth a trip to Catalina Island in North America.He is one of the best places for scuba diving.There are all conditions for beginners and experienced divers.Recent descend to a depth of 39 meters, to inspect the sunken 30-meter schooner XIX century.

lovers cool from May to August, expect diving in the Barents Sea.On the Kola Peninsula located base to stay.Seals, whales, beluga, northern dolphins, wrecks and attract tourists to these places.

In recent years the number of people wishing to dive is growing.People with diverse interests - those who love extreme sports, nature, underwater hunting or photography, share a common hobby - diving.