you need
  • - water and spray;
  • - sponges, rags;
  • - wallpaper glue joints (or PVA glue);
  • - Brush;
  • - rubber roller or wallpaper brush;
  • - Stationery knife (scissors);
  • - Roulette;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - tinting paste;
  • - remnants of a finishing material for patching;
  • - decorative edging.
Try perekleit joints wallpaper.To do this, moisten the edges of the paper face cloths with clean water from a spray;using layered material (non-woven, vinyl, duplex), moisten the underside of each troubled region.Give soggy strips for 5 minutes.
Deal edge finishing material with special glue to t
he joints like wallpaper "bromide Moment┬╗, Quelyd Colle Raccoro or Kleo.In their structure - the dispersion of polyvinyl acetate (PVA), so the funds quickly seize.Look for the package with a comfortable narrow spatula;if necessary, apply a small brush.
Trim joints wallpaper hands, trying not to overlap on thick material.Iron the edge of the rubber roller or brush, carefully straighten the wrinkles and air bubbles.On the front side panels, remove any excess glue with a damp sponge or cloth.
Joints finishing material may not be pasted, and to separate from each other - between bands appear ugly gap.In this case, try to moisten the edges (see. Step 1), gently pull them together and put on the glue.If your efforts are not successful, try to disguise the defects repaired.
Rub with fine sandpaper colored powder on the front surface of the finishing material unnecessary trimmings.Mix it with white glue and apply a small amount of the resulting paste in inconspicuous spot of the wall.If the color is exactly the same with the tone pasted wallpaper, gently treat all the gaps between the cloth.If necessary, you can mix the powder with a suitable adhesive and tinting paste from the store finishing materials.
Seal the gaps between the patches of wallpaper of the same material, just combine all joints and drawings of decorative coatings.It is painstaking work, but with certain skills such patches can completely hide defects finish.
permitting structure panels (not convex terrain suitable thickness), some craftsmen make "artificial joints ┬╗ wallpaper.It is necessary to cut a neat patch;One of their party should join the factory edge, and the other - a little bit to find a neighboring lane finishes.The two-layer material for Latok should first soak, remove the lower base and leave only a decorative top.
Consider a simple and original version of the hotfix on joints wallpaper .Gaps can paste over the decorative braid, cords, ribbons to match the walls, curtains and upholstery.Framed in the same piping paintings and photographs - are harmoniously decorated interior hide from prying eyes all the past failures of repairs.