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to determine the sectional opening of the power cable is necessary to calculate the total capacity of all planned to use energy consumers (household appliances, heaters, electric boilers, furnaces and ovens, lighting), and multiply it by a factor of 1.5.Even better - 2 to create a margin.
As you know, passing through a conductor electric current (and it is the larger, more power-fueled appliance) causes heating of the conductor.Acceptable for the most common insulated wire and cable heating is 55-75oS.Based on this, and selected cross section of the cable opening.If you calculate the total power load does not exceed the next 10 - 15 kW, enough to use a copper cable with a conductor cross-section 6 mm2, aluminum - 10 mm2.By increasing the load power by half-
section tripled.
These figures are valid for a single-phase power cable laying open.If he is laid hidden cross-section increases in half.When the three-phase wiring for power consumers can be doubled if the laying open, and 1.5 times at a hidden gasket.
for electrical sockets and lighting groups traditionally use wire having a cross-section of 2.5 mm2 (sockets) and 1.5 mm2 (lighting).Since many kitchen appliances, power tools and heating devices are very powerful energy consumers, to put them to supply the individual lines.There are guided by the following figures: a wire having a cross section of 1.5 mm2, is able to "pull" a load of 3 kW section 2.5mm2 - 4.5 kW to 4 mm2 allowable load capacity for 6 kW, and 6 mm 2 - 8 kW.