One of the basic yoga asanas, the benefit to the organism from which it is difficult to overestimate - a headstand.Needless to say, an inexperienced person, it seems to be something transcendent that he can not afford to play.However, stand on your head, you can learn - it is enough just to follow certain instructions.

Preparation for headstand

very first thing which you must learn before they will perform a headstand - that's cool to be in an inverted position.When a person first sees the surroundings inverted 180 degrees, he may start a panic, which is unacceptable in the performance of such a serious exercise as a headstand.So first student masters preparing posture.

Fold yoga mat in 4 layers and place it against a wa
ll.Get down on all fours beside him, stretch forward, elbows clasp fingers and put them on the mat at a small distance from the wall.Without changing the position of the elbow relative to each other, join hands in the castle and close to the crossed fingers on the top of his head lower.Your neck should fit snugly in the hands.If possible, straighten your knees and come closer to the wall to your back to touch it over the entire length.

main objective pupil - struggled to build on the floor with his elbows so that the weight in any case does not fall on his neck.Weight should be evenly dispersed between each of the elbows and palms of the castle that you push down on the mat.Trapezius muscle at the same time send up to the pelvis to the neck is not clamped.

How to master the headstand

Once you are sufficiently accustomed to seeing the world upside down and understand how to work with your hands and arms in inverted poses, you can try to run a full version of headstand.To do so, the preparatory posture and walk your feet closer to the wall.Do sweep of one foot toward the wall, and when she went up on her inertia and the second will.Press the heel against the wall and continue to push off his hands from the floor, freeing his neck.

When you learn the headstand you can bring it to a length of 3.5 or even 10 minutes - as long as you can stay in an inverted position without feeling discomfort.Gradually try to do a headstand, not only near the wall, but the middle of the room.This pose is like no other heals and rejuvenates the body.