Choosing water

can learn to swim in any body of water, including the river, lake or coastal strip.But experts advise to choose for training is still closed or open 25-meter pool, staffed by full-time trainers and instructors to drown in them is problematic.Besides the pool, with its dressing room, a shower and a permanent medical center which is not only safe, but also comfortable and hygienic.The main thing is to get medical clearance to visit him and buy a ticket.

Health and training

The first thing to do is going to learn to swim - is to visit the doctor's office.Specifically, even several doctors.In the bath or
basin of water-sports center, whose staff seriously concerned about the health of their visitors and constantly monitor the purity of the water, you will miss only after examination and receive certificates from a therapist, venereology, Dermatology and - for women - gynecologist.

But if medical certificates one you do not need or enough paper from a therapist, a sports complex it is better not to attend.It is not necessary to learn to swim in the pool, whose leaders are actively using its premises for arranging commercial saunas.Firstly, when visiting saunas usually does not need any permission.And secondly, those who come to it, and very much like to dive in the pool to cool it.Sometimes even a passing shower and drunk.

The list of necessary and beneficial bathing accessories, which you will surely tell the administrator pool includes standard swimming things - swimming trunks for men or a swimsuit for women, swimming goggles, rubber cap, as well as slates for walking on the floor of the locker room to the bathroom andback, a towel and soap and shampoo.

start with warm-up

Do not hardly going to the bath, immediately jump into it.Especially if the pool is deep enough.Experts strongly recommend that first talk with the instructor and listen carefully to his recommendations.And, above all, on how to conduct a warm-up, warm up the basic and necessary it is for swimming ligaments and muscles, how to breathe in the water.He will pick up and the dates of gymnastics.For example, squats with tilt feet inward and wide stance.

This instructor will be your "lifeline" in the class directly in the water.To learn how to swim and to keep it at least a minimum distance of 25 meters is sufficient, regardless of age, from 10 to 15 individual training.