If necessary, a visual "narrowing" of the space of the room and reduce the height of the ceiling, you can create a so-called "tunnel effect".To do this, lay a bright flooring and paint the back wall have premises in soft, pastel colors.This ceiling and side walls s necessary to make dark.
small area of ​​the room, having a ceiling of 3 meters and above, generally looks uncomfortable.In order to correct this impression is necessary to paint the ceiling and floor of the room in the dark tone.Use bright colors in the design of the walls .
should know that if s walls, ceiling and floor of the rooms have the same dark color, the room seems formless.
order to "narrow" the room and visually increase the height of the ceiling is necessa
ry to darken the side walls s.This end wall and, floor and ceiling should remain light.
floors dark color blends perfectly with light-colored walls s and the ceiling, making the room above and spacious.In such an interior is well fit dark furniture and bright accessories will help give the room personality.
In the interior, be aware that the combination of dark walls and flooring with light ceiling create the effect of a basement room.
In order to correct a bad impression on the narrow end of the room you need to paint the walls have a dark color.At the same time the side walls You should be soaked in soft, bright colors.
should know that cold colors th gamma visually expands the space.Arrange s walls, floor and ceiling in bright colors - it will visually increase the size of the room.However, keep in mind that a large number of pale colors in the interior can make the room impersonal.
to visually reduce the size of the room you need to paint the walls s in dark tones, leaving the ceiling and floor light.