you need
  • - wax crayon or colored wax;
  • - rubber spatula;
  • - cloth;
  • - walnut;
  • - nail repair;
  • - retouch pencil;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - putty for parquet;
  • - parquet lacquer;
  • - iodine;
  • - brush.
Pick a special wax crayon or colored wax that matches the color of your flooring.Gently melt the wax.You can use the microwave or oven.Spread the softened wax scratch.Carefully flatten the surface and remove any excess wax with a rubber spatula.Polish the surface with a soft cloth.
Take the young walnut shell and split it.Carefully remove the core and rub it a scratch.Wood will darken in the treated site.It should be remembered that this method i
s only suitable for shallow scratches.
Use special repair lacquer.Thoroughly clean the surface of parquet and apply lacquer, consistent with the recommendations of the manufacturer.Allow it to dry.
Get special retouch pencil parquet .Gently scrape paint with it.
To remove deep scratches on the parquet flooring is recommended to use a special putty that matches the color of your floorboard.Apply the filler with a spatula.Remove the excess and allow to fully dry.Gently sand the repaired area using sandpaper.Carefully remove all dust using a clean, soft cloth.Cover the layer of lacquer or wax.
order to camouflage small scratches on floor can use ordinary iodine.Prepare a weak iodine solution.Apply it to the surface scratches with a brush.This method is recommended mainly for the floorboard of walnut, oak or mahogany.
To remove the many and deep scratches with parquet floor is recommended to use a fine grinding.Sand the damaged area parquet using surface grinding machines.Apply a new layer of varnish.