For tourist dives to depths of up to 5-6 meters in Turkey, UAE and Egypt suit beach swimming suits.The main reason why you need the equipment - danger of hypothermia, so you should forget about conventional sport swimming suits, if you - the athlete-diver or divers.
It should be noted that even for diving in the southern Red Sea shallow and you definitely need to dress warmly.At a depth of 6-10 meters, you can feel the effect of "thermocline" - when a dense and deep cold do not mix with the warm surface layers of seawater.The temperature drop in a layer thickness of 20-25 cm can reach 15-20o - your head and body will be warm, and the legs will be very cold.
At temperatures of 21 ° C to select the "wet" suit, which gets water when submerged.Your body
will not feel cold due to the fact that he had fallen into the water warms up the suit, but derive from it will not.Sew these costume foam rubber - neoprene, which does not allow water to circulate inside and cool down.Such suits may be with his pants down as the knee and to the ankle, which allows their use with special "boots", who also sew neoprene.
for deep diving temperatures and ice diving 15-20oS you need "dry" suit, in which water is circulated through the body surface, and the skin remains dry.Select this to cut, which will be tailored to suit your body shape to suit tightly to the surface of the body, but allowed him to wear under several layers of underwear.In commercially available neoprene and trilaminatnye model membranes, protects from flowing.The cost of such a suit, of course, would be several times higher than the "wet".
as underwear when diving in "dry" using a special diving suit, tight fitting underwear.It is made of blended yarn with the addition of natural cotton fibers.By adjusting the number of layers, you can comfortably use the "dry" wetsuit at different depths and at different temperatures.