you need
  • Wooden poles and planks, nails, a hammer, bitumen, ceiling beams, insulation, wall and ceiling, sawdust.
Before the construction of a shed for the chickens decide how many birds you have in it.Based on the fact that four chickens requires one square meter.Dimensions for small chickens pendulum, designed for 15 hens : width - 2 m, length - 3 meters, the height of the front wall of 2.5 meters, and the rear wall of 1.5 meters.
Select a location for the chickens pendulum.It must be located on a small hill, in the event of no rain was not flooded.
designing the foundation, d
o not forget that it must be durable.Pouring concrete foundation will not allow to get into the barn predatory animals.If you are planning to build without a foundation, it is necessary chickens pendulum upholster iron bottom.
Make a framework of wooden poles with a diameter of 10 cm. Vroyte frame into the ground at a depth of 70 cm. Of the column that are in the earth, half cover the molten bitumen.Its layer must be 50 cm.
to the rack frame nail bars, whose cross section 5x5 cm. Obsheyte frame on both sides with boards to avoid crevices.Sheathe start from the outside.Inside the frame make insulation cardboard or tar paper.
space that happened between the skins, pour peat or sawdust.Paul made a wooden or earthen.In the summer the floor sprinkle sawdust, which absorbs excess moisture.
On top lay the piping frame beams, the ends of which release 40 cm outside the building.For warming the ceiling, use a dry reed.The ceiling provided for ventilation device.Pipe is made of planks, they will not give condensation.In winter, the pipe plug the hole with a cloth.
Make the window size 60x120 cm. In cold regions needed with double glazed windows.Under the window hole to arrange chickens .The height from the floor manhole - 30 cm. Take the door to the barn .Before entering the chickens pendulum create insulated platform.Login do shed on the south side.
Do in pendulum hens roost rectangular shape at a height of 60 cm from the floor.Perches are on the same level.If more than one, make the distance between them of 50 cm. Long poles make the rate of 20 cm per chickens point each.Gathering a comfortable perch, chickens s begin immediately to move.Frame construction of more rational, as everyone can dug into the ground a few pillars and sheathe their material available.