specialized centers to help wishing to master the art of yoga in Moscow quite a lot.However, not everyone can afford to attend their charge - prices high enough to classes.Doing yoga in Moscow is completely free, but you must become familiar with all offers.

Free yoga classes throughout the summer (until September 30) are held in the park to them.Gorky.Here, classes are held in the open air, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage.On the one hand, fresh air, beautiful view of the waterfront, on the other - a chance of rain or extreme heat, strangers, noise.For the rest provided changing rooms and beach shower, all participants hand out mats.

Browse brochures Moscow yoga centers - often in the major centers of organized free workshops and class
es.Here you can see your level and ability to work with experienced instructors, to learn the basic movements.Of course, the main purpose of these sessions is to attract new customers, for the second and subsequent visits have to pay.

can be effective yoga classes online.These classes are held, as a rule, free of charge and you can choose the place of carrying out - at home or at a party, on the street or in the park.For this you need a computer or a mobile phone with an Internet connection.This is no pressure on the part of the teachers do not have - you can defer or renew the study of yoga at any time.

Another way to do yoga at home - downloaded from the Internet or buy a CD with video tutorials.In addition, there are special literature on the topic of yoga, it can also be an effective tool for the study of this science.Start self-study is not always easy, without an experienced teacher for many difficult to understand, but the desire and persistence to help you overcome everything.