Such bending of hands for the most part inherited, indicating that the structural features of the humerus, in particular its lower epiphysis.In addition, the degree of stretching of the muscles also depend hands , so it can be corrected with the help of uprazhneniy.Vstante straight, straighten your back and chest gently pull forward.Uprites left elbow in the chest region in the solar plexus, so that the humerus ran through the left side of the chest.Bend the wrist back.
palm of his right hand each side, to the left hand, where traditionally in the hands detectable pulse.
Do springy pressure on the left hand so that you feel tension elbow tendon.Do 25-30 of these movements and hold on the top pressure.Hold the left arm in the position for 10 se
Slowly relax hands and shake them.Now do the same for the right-hand .
Stand straight, relax your shoulders.Drag left hand side in a direction parallel to the floor, while at the same time pull the fingers.Pull the hand for 8-10 seconds, then slowly relax it.
Shake your hand and do the exercise with the other hand and then shake well and her.
Hang on the bar relaxed and motionless for 15 seconds every morning and evening, and after any stress, whether it be strength exercises or physical work.Hang on a crossbeam, clasping her hands at a distance of the width of the shoulders.
Take dumbbells in both hands , stand up straight and hold them in the lowered hands as long as possible for you.Relax a few minutes and do this exercise 2-3 times.
regularly perform these simple exercises and remember that stretching - a slow process, it requires patience and a long enough time to achieve noticeable results.